Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Fire part 2

Ram's parents arrived at our house at 2am Friday night. We helped them unload some things and got Yoda, their cat, settled in. My mom is allergic to cats so we never had a cat. The next morning the Lambs were thrilled that Yoda was at our house. Yoda is an old cat and wasn't quite sure what to think of our house or those boys that he saw on Thursday were at this new place.

Later that morning Ram's dad took Yoda to a cat hotel for a few days. They were glad to find a place that just took cats, no dogs.
Saturday afternoon we heard that the mandatory evacuation for their house was down leveled to pre evacuation. Ram's dad decided to go back to the house then. Ram's mom stayed with us. Ram's dad went back and moved firewood and other flammable things away from the house. He stayed at an apartment across town but it did not have air conditioning and because of the smoke he couldn't open the windows.
Saturday we had an un-birthday party to attend (that's another post) and afterwards we went with Ram's mom to Sizzler for dinner. Everything had been so crazy there was no time to cook. The Lambs love Sizzler and were happy with that dinner.
Sunday evening Ram's dad came back to our house in time to join us for hamburgers for dinner. He was glad to take a shower and go to bed early in air conditioning.
Monday the Lambs had Kung Fu (that's another post) so Ram's parents ate dinner with Ram and when we got home we ate. They heard from a neighbor that everything was much improved in their neighborhood by Monday afternoon. We listened online to the community meeting that night to get more information.
So Tuesday morning they packed up everything and left our house about noon. They did a little shopping since they were here and then got the cat and headed home. They are still pre evacuation status for at least a few more days. It is smoky, they can't open windows, and they have to leave their car packed up ready to go. But at least they got to go home and try to resume a normal schedule and sleep in their own bed.

To be continued... (I have a little more to blog about the fire, but this completes our side of the story.)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear more about your . Still watching the news on the reports of the fire. Sounds like more is contained which is great.
Suzanne L