Saturday, August 10, 2013

Realizing I'm blessed

I went to scrapbooking on Wednesday. There were just a few of us as it was the middle of the week. The consultant embarrassed me that she kept pointing out to everyone there that I was an album maker, not a scrapbooker. I get my photos chronologically in the album and journal about the photos. I don't use a lot of paper or stickers or embellishments. I figure since we have all boys, they won't care much about the fancy stuff, but their wives will eventually want to see the pictures. Plus the boys do like to look at their baby photos.

So I showed my album that I was working on to almost everyone that was there on Wednesday. Near the end of our time together a woman that attends pretty often but I don't know well said something to me.

"You have a beautiful family, Ewe."

That's all she said. Sometimes the little comments matter the most.

Sometimes I'm so focused on what I don't have. I won't see Ram's two brothers, my miscarried babies, and my grandparents again until I get to heaven. I've never met my brother-in-law and it will be at least several months before I have a chance. I don't have girls. My boys don't have a big extended family with lots of cousins. I live far away from my parents and sister. My Lambs are growing up and outgrowing toys and clothes that I wish they would stay in forever. My list like this goes on and on.

Yet, I am blessed with a beautiful family! A woman I barely know noticed this blessing. Some day I will see my loved ones in heaven and I will be able to meet my 8 babies and see what they look like. My sister is married to a wonderful husband for her. I have a beautiful goddaughter. My boys have friends all over the country. My parents just spent nearly a month driving out here to visit and spend time with us. Ram is a wonderful husband. I have 3 handsome Lambs. My Lambs are healthy enough to outgrow clothes and I will have memories and photos of them at the toddler age. Our family being healthy is a significant blessing that we don't take for granted after Ram's surgery in 2010. My Lambs are learning more and doing new experiences in the next stage in their lives. My list like this goes on and on when I think about it.

Thank you, Jesus, for my beautiful family. Help me to remember that I am blessed with a beautiful family. Help me also to make those little comments to others that will matter in their lives.

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