Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Fire Part 3

The amazing firefighters now have our fire 47% contained!

Some other statistics currently:

Firefighters: 1,721 (some had to leave to fight other fires)

Size of fire: 108,094 acres

Estimated Containment Date: Saturday, August 31

I am from the Midwest so I had never seen wildfire firefighting. When I mentioned that to Ram, he said he never saw a fire so big or near their house either. It was fascinating to me how many tents (and Thursday night when we saw it was just a fraction of what came later). The news showed when they came off duty the lines to eat and to wash up before bed. It is mind boggling to feed and tent that many firefighters at one place for weeks while there is a fire nearby.

The Blaine County Sheriff is collecting bandanas for the firefighters. What began as a plea for one bandana for one firefighter has now turned into the community donating enough bandanas for one for each firefighter and more keep coming in. We are so thankful to the firefighters for getting this massive fire contained so quickly. The least we can do is give them bandanas for their shift. The firefighters also continue to be in our prayers.

Only one house and a few other structures were lost in this fire. The firefighters feel so bad about that one house because that is one house too many in their minds. I feel so bad for the owners of that one house. We don't know who that one house belongs to, but they are in our prayers. (Beaver Creek Fire) has more information on this fire for those that are interested.

To be continued...

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