Friday, July 18, 2014

Catechism Competition

When we are out in the community, I am often asked if everything becomes a competition with 3 boys at my house. Yes it does, probably even more than you can imagine.

Disclaimer here: When we lived in MN we did the Sing the Faith CD almost daily as part of our daily homeschooling routine. Due to the move to ID and even more with Lamb 2 in therapy, we have let this part of our routine go. Now that Lamb 2 is starting to  finish therapy, I plan after summer break to do the Sing the Faith CD daily again.

Last night I overheard the Lambs talking before they fell asleep. Lamb 3 suggested they chain up Ram and Ewe so they could eat unlimited ice cream. I immediately talked to them about stopping that kind of talk as it was not honoring your parents. I'm not even sure where that conversation came from because they have had a lot of treats recently, including popsicles and ice cream.

I left their room and then the talk about commandments began. It started with which commandment talks about honoring your parents? Then it became a competition to ask their brothers questions about the commandments. Soon Lamb 3 came to me asking which commandment says not to lie. He didn't like my answer so he went to ask Ram. Then Lamb 2 came and asked me what the 9th commandment was to see if Lamb 1 was telling him the correct answer. Then Lamb 3 came to ask about the 10th commandment. I'm not sure which other commandments they talked about without asking me about them.

After answering these questions I told them we could continue this conversation at lunch time, but they needed to get some sleep. I don't like how this conversation began, but I do love that they were reaching in the back of their memory of the catechism to try to stump each other. I think homeschooling is going to be really fun with a 1st, 3rd, and 5th grader!

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Kristen said...

I use Sing the Faith in my classroom, too. It really does help the children - and me! - to learn the catechism. "What is confession?" is always our favorite because the kids think it sounds like a tango!