Saturday, July 5, 2014

The perfect July 4

*On a perfect July 4, 100% of Americans would answer that they are proud to be an American, not answer this way.
*On a perfect July 4, my Lambs wouldn't have to go to the cemetery to watch the fireworks at the same place as their uncles.
*On a perfect July 4, my Lambs would have the beginning of the Declaration of Independence memorized (or at least be able to read all the words) when Grandma asks them to recite it.
*On a perfect July 4, gas wouldn't be so expensive to travel.
*On a perfect July 4, we wouldn't get sunburned while watching the parade.

We do live in an imperfect world.

I am proud to be an American even if 44% of Americans are not.

We are blessed to live a few hours from Ram's parents now. We are blessed to own a reliable car and be able to afford gas to go visit Ram's parents for a few days. Ram's parents are blessed with a house that we can stay at when we visit. We did have a great view of the fireworks at the cemetery. We were blessed with nice weather for traveling and a car with air conditioning that works. We were blessed with sunscreen so that only a few spots on each of us got sunburned. We are blessed to live in a country where it is safe to go to a parade.

We enjoyed our few days vacation and especially spending it with Ram's parents. It was a little cooler there than where we live. We were blessed to come home to a house with power to turn on the A/C full blast. It will be good to sleep in our own beds again tonight.

Plus Grandma gave us a year to work with the Lambs on the Declaration of Independence recitation!

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