Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Planets, Music, and Movement

Lamb 1 and 2 are at baseball camp each morning this week. Lamb 3 did not want to go to baseball camp. He is enjoying playing with play doh and playing some card games with me while his brothers are gone each morning. I saw that our library had a special program this morning that I thought Lamb 3 would enjoy. It took some convincing to get him to leave his play doh and try a new program at the library without his brothers.

After teaching in the classroom at a classical school I am usually pretty critical of library programs. I want the program to be something educational that is worth learning. I want it to be fun for them. Usually the programs we go to are very well attended-too many children for one room when they are doing activities.

I was very impressed with this program this morning. It taught the children about the planets by using Gustav Holst's The Planets music. There were different activities for movement during each of the music movements. The instructor talked about the planets in between playing the music for each planet. Perhaps similar lesson plans are on the web, but I thought I would post what they did this morning in case any of my homeschool friends want to do something similar.

Mars-the music is in 5/4 time so have the students count to 5 while marching

Venus-rock a baby to sleep

Mercury-This one was a little crazy for me-I'm not sure I would do this same activity.
They pretended to have a message to deliver from dad to the kids. They said "There will be pizza when you are done with basketball" very fast each time the theme came up in the music.

Jupiter-skate with paper plates around the room

Saturn-rock your body to the music while joining hands in small groups like Ring around the Rosy

Uranus-group gathers around a parachute with beach ball in the middle

Neptune-teacher blows bubbles as she goes around the room, kids touch the "magical potion"

The teacher was also really good at the direct instruction method with the goal of having the students remember the composer's name. Several times during the program she would stop and say "1, 2, 3" and the students would yell Gustav Holst. The children may not remember the music played today, but I'm sure they will all remember the composer's name.

I was really glad I took Lamb 3 this morning. Now we have an idea of what to do when the Lambs are bored since Lamb 1 and 2 missed the program this morning.

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