Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4 on a Friday

Because of the holiday some of Lamb 2's therapy was rescheduled to earlier in the week and some of his therapy was canceled. We were willing to attend all the therapy at the regular times because he doesn't have any therapy on Fridays, but his teachers wanted Thursday off or at least leave earlier on Thursday. We ended up fitting a lot early in the week. It is nice to truly have a vacation. Lamb 2 will have a 5 day break from therapy over this long weekend. Then next week we are back to full schedule of all therapy, piano lessons, and baseball camp. Ram is back to a busy schedule of a funeral, a wedding preparation, and visiting several members and shut-ins. We are going to enjoy this long weekend as a family!
I had not planned on July being this busy. It shouldn't be like this in the summer when many activities take a break. We will celebrate each time Lamb 2 graduates from some therapy because it will mean one more free hour a week.

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