Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fertility in a Fallen World

One of my blog posts that is hit on quite often is titled Lutherans and Miscarriage. That post was originally written as a way to tell about the He Remembers the Barren book and website.

I had my first miscarriage 9 years ago. Since then I have added so many thoughts and so much understanding about fertility. I have remained pretty silent about this on my blog as I just didn't know where to begin. I didn't even post about most of my miscarriages. It was just too overwhelming to talk about this 9 times. I really wanted to add my thoughts to my blog after I attended the He Remembers the Barren Retreat last year. But life, especially caring for Lamb 2, has interfered with that plan. I have felt that I really should talk about this more on my blog, especially since the Lutherans and Miscarriage post is hit on so often.

One frustrating part about my miscarriages was I don't know anyone else that has had as many miscarriages as me. One of the reasons I wanted to post my story was so if there are other women out there with recurring miscarriages, they know they aren't the only one. There is such comfort in just knowing you aren't alone.

Several weeks ago I stumbled on a blog where women were invited to tell their stories. This was my chance to put in to writing many of my thoughts about fertility. As I began to answer the questions asked, the writing poured out and it became quite long. I let it sit for about a month, occasionally adding or deleting parts of it. I spoke to my husband and parents about this as they were part of my story. I finally decided I was ready to post it.

A Bundle of Myrrh was quite gracious to post my story here. I do have plans to post this story again on my blog in shorter parts and in more detail. That will have to wait until  time allows, which may not be until this fall when Lamb 2 graduates from most of his therapy. Writing this has opened the way for me to talk about miscarriage more on my blog.

My story is at a strange point in our family's journey. Our family size may be done, but only God knows if it is. At some point we may also adopt or foster, but we don't know if we will. I would love to hear stories of women that are beyond the childbearing years as part of this series. There is wisdom then that those of us in the childbearing years don't always see. So if you are a woman beyond the childbearing years, I would ask you to share your story with us. A Bundle of Myrrh has great questions to get you started.

Putting my thoughts in writing was so helpful to me. I loved the introduction she wrote for my story-especially her last paragraph summed up the most important part of my story. Thank you so much, A Bundle of Myrrh, for the opportunity to guest post.

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Aubri said...

Again Ewe, I'm so happy you shared your story with me and my readers. I also appreciate you encouraging women beyond their childbearing years to share theirs, you're right, there is wisdom and perspective there that others of us could truly use. I look forward to another post from you here when you get the time!