Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lamb 2's First Graduation

After going to speech therapy once a week for half of his life, look who graduated from speech therapy today! His speech therapist was awesome and so patient with a complex patient.

Excuse the poor picture quality. I have not mastered my new camera lens. This photo shows that I need to spend some time practicing or use my old lens until I figure it out.

We celebrated by taking the family to our new Cracker Barrel tonight. We hadn't been to Cracker Barrel in over a year. We made the Lambs try grits and okra. They thought okra was ok and not grits. We cheated on our diet, but that is all right once and awhile. It was interesting going to a brand new Cracker Barrel where all the servers were brand new. Maybe we will win something in their grand opening drawing.

Now we are looking forward to Lamb 2 graduating from occupational therapy and vision therapy. Then we'll see what else ends up in Lamb 2's journey.

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