Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jan Brett Book Tour

On December 11 Jan Brett came to the Boise Public Library. I had been sick with a sore throat the few days before and doubted that I would be able to take the Lambs. I woke up feeling better and decided to try to take them. The Lambs had not been warned about this so I thought they were going to be upset to have to hurry to get ready, but they were very cooperative. I just never know what to expect with them and this time I was pleasantly surprised. So we hurried to get ready and I expected to get there right on time. There was a traffic jam on the interstate and the other side of the interstate was completely shut down due to an accident. After all that we arrived about 20 minutes late. We were able to walk right in and maybe it was a good thing that we arrived late. I found out later that others were turned away. We did miss the Lambs getting free pins to wear. There were no seats left so we stood in the back and several times I lifted up Lamb 3 so he could see better.
When we arrived the first thing I did was take pictures with the bus. Each of the Lambs got a turn with the camera.
Photographer: Lamb 1

Photographer: Lamb 2

Lamb 2 took a lot of photos compared to his brothers! He also took this photo. I was ready to delete it, but Ram likes it. Do you like this photo?

Photographer: Lamb 3

Photographer: Ewe

All the cities she went to on this tour are listed on the side of the bus.

Since we arrived late, we didn't hear her whole talk, but what we did hear was excellent. I have heard Nancy Carlson and other authors speak, but Jan Brett was the best I've heard. Perhaps I think that because I was listening if there were parts to interest my BOYS that are older and I heard the other authors when my boys were younger.

She taught the students how to draw a rabbit like she does. She encouraged students that want to be artists to spend time on drawing every day. She encouraged them to keep their work and compare what they do six months later after drawing daily. Lamb 1 listened to this part of the talk closely as he wants to be an artist. 

I was thankful for my nice camera lens when we were way in the back of the room. My pictures weren't perfect as Lamb 3 kept tugging on my arm asking for me to hold him up so he could see better.

Here's the rabbit that she drew while she spoke.

After she spoke everyone began lining up to have their books signed. I took the Lambs out of the crowded auditorium and took them to check out books from the library. They were very excited because they got to check out several movies for while Lamb 2 recovered from surgery. Then I took them back to the car and let them have a snack. Then we went back in the library and I made sure everyone went to the restroom and got a drink. All this paid off because even though we were towards the end of the book signing line, they all had all their needs met before we waited.

I was in line after a woman that had taken her lunch hour to come have her books signed. She was very nervous that she wasn't going to get to get her books signed. I think she was a little late, but she made it. All of us in line near each other enjoyed talking about our favorite Jan Brett books. 

Here we are just before it was our turn to get our books signed.

Lamb 1

Lamb 2

Lamb 3

These were the books that I pulled off our bookshelf and took for her to sign. Some of these were purchased used, but they are hardcovers in good condition. It was very difficult to choose one book each for her to sign and I didn't even purchase her new book. I do really like her illustrations in her folk tales which is why I chose some of these books. It was very interesting to see what books other people in line chose for her to sign.

I was so impressed that Jan Brett spent several hours with us in Boise. First she spoke and then she signed for a couple of hours. There were about 15 people in line after me and I think she signed for everyone. I don't know how she does a book tour like that-two cities a day going across the country in a little more than two weeks. We are so glad she came to Boise and spent the morning with us.

Other children brought pictures and cards for Jan Brett. I never even thought of something like that. If we ever go to hear another author, I now have that idea.

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

How fun for all of you! Gingerbread Baby is one of my favorites...but the Goldilocks illustrations make it truly a classic. Jan Brett is an author I've learned to enjoy and appreciate more in the past years.