Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our weekend

Ram and I both had dental appointments on Friday. I will blog more about my appointment later. After that Ram and I took turns doing shopping.

Friday night we took the Lambs to a Philharmonic concert. Lamb 1 has said his favorite composer is Rossini and he likes the William Tell Overture so we went to that. They played the whole piece and it was slow for Lamb 3 until it got to the familiar part. The piece in the middle was very different, it was a cello/bass duo with humor and satire. I didn't like it, Ram said it was ok. They ended with Lamb 2's favorite composer, Beethoven's 4th symphony. Lamb 2 was not too impressed because it was not his favorite symphony. The conductor said, "We all know there is a 4th symphony because we like the 9th symphony even if we haven't heard the 4th symphony often".

During the intermission, Lamb 3 was fascinated by looking at the "map" of the orchestra and then going up front to see how the map compared to the stage. When the 4th symphony began he continued to whisper this conversation with me-there's no tuba on the stage any more! etc.

We have needed to watch our budget closely this month. I wasn't sure about spending the money to go to a concert right now. Ram thought we should because it was both Lamb 1 and 2's favorite composers. It makes me glad to pay for experiences like going to the Philharmonic instead of just buying more toys for our Lambs. Afterwards Lamb 1 made a point of saying thank you for taking him to the concert without any prompting from Ram or Ewe. When the 10 year old boy said thank you it made it worth it!

We took the Lambs to a Philharmonic concert in 2013 but didn't go to one in 2014. Lamb 3 had a lot of questions on the way there, he only remembered outdoor free concerts which we have gone to a lot of since we moved here. That was another good reason that we went to this concert.

Unfortunately it became a very late evening and Lamb 2 melted down the whole way home. (He was also upset that they played Beethoven, but not his favorite symphony!) We stopped and picked up some donuts for a treat afterwards. When we got home they each ate a donut and then went to bed. I'm sure we don't have as good of a donut place as Jody, but I liked the idea of a tradition of donuts after concerts. We plan to keep this family tradition.

After Lamb 2's meltdown the night before I assumed they would not be up to going to the March for Life on Saturday afternoon. So I did not get ready or help the Lambs get ready. Ram got ready and as he was starting to leave, Lamb 2 and 3 both said they wanted to go. We hurried to get warm clothes ready for them and Ram took them. Lamb 1 and I stayed home. Lamb 1 ended up going over to the neighbor's backyard for most of the time so I had a rare time alone. I would have liked to have gone to the March for Life, but after a late night the night before I didn't want to force our boys to go and Lamb 1 did not want to go.

Today there were few people in church and even less in Sunday School. I quickly filled in as Sunday School teacher for my three boys plus two other kids. There is lots of sickness going around and it was foggy this morning too.

I did some school planning and Ram made some copies for me this afternoon. I'm sure the Lambs will be thrilled that they have more school work to do this week!

Have a great week!

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Jody said...

I'm so glad you had a nice time at the concert. We went to the symphony this fall, too, and we were also unimpressed by one of the pieces. We also enjoyed some Beethoven.

Thank you for the link to my donuts. I'm sure your boys weren't complaining. But if you ever do make it out here, we'll have to treat you!