Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lamb 2 Update

Lamb 2 had his one month after surgery check up last week. I expected him to need to go  for several checkups over the next few months. I was really surprised that it only took that one checkup. We had been very faithful about nose spray three times a day and the Dr. could tell. She recommended one more week of nose spray. So on Monday he did nose spray for the last time. He did not like nose spray but we knew it was important to do. We praise God that he is healed after surgery.

There was more happy news about this checkup. His surgery was free to us because we had met our deductible in 2014. This checkup was considered follow up to his surgery so it was also free. That is good because we have not even started to meet our deductible in 2015.

We have been trying to do small tasks like OT recommended. The Lambs have played a lot of board games recently. I have also spent lots of homeschool time with Lamb 2 working on learning to read. I am trying some new approaches that I never did with him before. I am teaching him some sight words along with phonics. I figure he has such a good memory that perhaps it would be good for him to have some words memorized so he doesn't have to sound out every single word. We also keep plugging away at The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. I realize his February checkup at Vision therapy is going to come very quickly. We hope that he has maintained or improved his reading speed during his break from VT.

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