Saturday, January 31, 2015

Boys will be Boys

Today we received a bill for Lamb 1's trip to the ER last August when we thought he broke his arm. I spent some time today trying to figure out the bill but found out Saturday is not business hours to get answers. While I was working on this the Lambs were over at the neighbor's playing. They began in the neighbor's back yard on their trampoline. I don't mind them playing there because I can see them from my window. After a little while they moved to the neighbor's front yard to play basketball. They had never done this before and I could not see them there.

Soon Lamb 2 came home hurt. He was panicking because his nose was bleeding and he was afraid he somehow messed up where he had surgery. When his nose stopped bleeding then he said his front tooth also hurt. He had chipped a tiny piece off his front tooth.

The good news was that our dentist was the one on call. The good news was that it was the bottom of his tooth. The bad news is that the dentist wants to make sure there is not swelling and wants to let it rest all weekend before x-raying and looking at it. So all weekend no cold or hot food, no hard foods or food like corn. Hopefully we can get him in on Monday.

I called the neighbor mom to try to find out what happened because we couldn't see them in their front yard. I had her cell number and freaked her out because she wasn't home with her kids and had no idea what I was talking about. She did admit that dad will let them play rougher than she does. We finally pieced together what happened from what the boys said. I told her we weren't mad at them, we trust our kids over at their house, it was just a difficult one because for once we couldn't watch them.

Lamb 2 plays the roughest of all our Lambs. I'm not surprised that this happened to him. What I am surprised about was this was a pretty mild play. They were riding homemade scooters on the sidewalk. Lamb 2 hit a crack in the sidewalk and tumbled off face first. I am disappointed for him that he needs dental work after getting hurt during mild play instead of when he was playing rough.

I have no idea what to serve for meals tomorrow that Lamb 2 can have. Off the menu is homemade guacamole with chips, also chips and salsa. Possibly we can still have homemade ribs.

Lamb 3 lost his tooth this week. Lamb 2 and Ewe need dental work now. We are waiting a few more months to see if Lamb 1 needs braces. Thankfully Ram had a great checkup at the dentist a few weeks ago!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the 2nd lamb probably gets his SENSE OF ADVENTURE and EAGERNESS TO TRY from his fabulous Auntie... However, perhaps he should wear a helmet more. Or a face guard mask? Ha. Love and hugs to him!
As for meals - try pudding, apple sauce, rice, smooshed bananas with creamy peanut butter; and he can still have the guacamole... So many options!