Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Honoring Holy Week

The local schools have spring break this week. Some of our normal activities (Cub Scouts) were canceled for spring break. Some activities were added because of spring break (track meet because the field was available).

Since spring break was this week all regular activities are back to normal schedule next week. Track practice is scheduled for Maundy Thursday. Track meet is scheduled for Holy Saturday. The community churches are invited to participate in an Easter concert on Good Friday. (I won't even go into how wrong that is!) I've received e-mails for lots more activities that I immediately deleted because we were not going to them during Holy Week.

I realize this happens because schools can not move spring break based on Holy Week. This year seems extreme with events during Holy Week for us as compared to the past few years. I was also surprised by Holy Saturday events because Easter egg hunts are such a huge deal here and they are usually on Saturday.

Lamb 1 is disappointed, but we will not be attending a track meet on Holy Saturday. I remember as a child I was shocked that the neighbor kids weren't allowed to play outside on Good Friday because it was a beautiful day. My parents would have let me play outside then as long as I had plenty of time to get ready for church and be at church on time. But the Roman Catholic neighbors did not let their children play outside on Good Friday. That memory stuck with me for 35 years. I am hoping that by not attending events in the community during Holy Week that memory sticks with our Lambs too. I want them to see and participate in our family's priorities.

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