Monday, March 9, 2015

Lamb 1's birthday weekend

On Thursday, Ram's parents met us at track practice. Ram's dad enjoyed taking pictures of the Lambs running so he could practice different settings on his camera. Then we went out to eat at Tucanos for Lamb 1's birthday meal. They had a deal to donate a children's book and a kids meal was free. We brought in 3 books that were new but we had two copies. Lamb 3 is still young enough that he is always free at Tucanos so he got a free dessert. We let Lamb 1 choose the dessert and he chose a huge piece of chocolate cake.

On Friday, Lamb 1 opened his presents. The last present was a note that said, "Go out to the car with Grandpa". Lamb 1 received a basketball and Ram's dad thought what good was a basketball without a hoop? (He didn't realize that Lamb 1 wanted a basketball to play at church.) So then Ram and his dad spent a little while putting together the hoop. The Lambs spent most of the weekend playing basketball after the hoop was together.

Friday afternoon the boys went to a furniture store that was offering a basketball for $2 to get you in the store. Everyone was much happier after we now had two basketballs and 3 Lambs! While they did that Ram's mom and I went to the grocery store and picked up a few groceries for supper. After supper we made pineapple/mango whip in our Vitamix for dessert.

On Saturday we went to Barnes and Noble. Great-Grandma sent all the Lambs and Ram gift cards to B&N as they all have spring birthdays. We are not a member of B&N but Ram's mom is and she had some really good coupons. Lamb 1 and 2 went together on a big Star Wars Lego set. Lamb 1 had almost enough money on a couple of gift cards that he had saved that his half only cost a few dollars after Grandma's discounts. Lamb 2 had to add more cash to his one gift card but he also got a really good deal on his half. Lamb 3 bought a smaller Star Wars Lego set at a really good price. They were also having Dr. Seuss activities at B&N hosted by the Children's Hospital so we did some of those activities. The Lambs were getting a little old for some of those activities, it was more age appropriate for them last year. They did enjoy any activities where the prize was candy!

After that we went out to eat and had a huge lunch. I was so surprised when the hostess asked how many children under age 10 we had. So much for kids meals for Lamb 1 now! He was thrilled as he has complained that kids meals don't fill him up for the last couple of years. He ordered ribs and ate almost all of it.

Ram's mom realized that all the Lambs had some leftovers from lunch and the adults weren't that hungry after that big lunch. She suggested we go to the grocery and get some squash to make butternut squash soup. She figured this was the perfect chance to make something the Lambs may not eat. We did have that for supper.

We had told Ram's dad that the Lambs had a dresser that had not survived the move well. Lamb 2 had his shirts and pajamas in the dresser drawers, but the drawers were not in the dresser. Every time we do a major clean up their bedroom I wished that we could purchase a new dresser for them instead of have drawers sitting all over their room. Saturday afternoon Ram's dad took it apart and fixed it. It's not perfect, but if they are careful it should work for at least a few more years.

Once that was fixed I decided to wash all of Lamb 2's shirts and pajamas because some were dusty and some got sawdust on them in this project. I am still in the process of washing all those. Once most of them were clean then all 3 Lambs cleaned out their t-shirts and pajamas. They all have way too much and it was way past time to do that project. I now have piles in my guest room to go through and decide where to donate what. We plan to go through the rest of their clothes soon and complete the project.

For dessert after supper we tried a new recipe of chocolate almond butter smoothies. Afterwards I wished we hadn't experimented on a new recipe when we had company. I did get input from everyone how to change the recipe to make it a little better.

Lamb 1 has never had a birthday party before and requested one this year. I decided to wait a few weeks after his birthday so that we could celebrate with Ram's parents on his birthday. So he will have a party in a few weeks. Ram's parents are scheduled to come back the end of March to celebrate Lamb 3's birthday. This is a busy but fun month!

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