Monday, March 30, 2015

March activities

March 1: This week track practice began and Ram's parents visited for three days for Lamb 1's birthday.
March 8: This was a normal week with activities and homeschool until Lamb 3 got sick at the end of the week.
March 15: This week Lamb 2 and 3 were sick and Lamb 1 took his first standardized test. We had our minivan serviced for the first time since we bought it. One great benefit of buying a new car is free service for the first couple of years. Our youth group had "Stump the Pastor" night which Ram really enjoyed. We had library book club for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
March 22: This week the Lambs had their first track meet. It was cold and windy. Lamb 1 ran the 3000 2 seconds faster than last year's placing. We are encouraging him to get a few more seconds faster before the end of the season and do it in under 15 minutes. Lamb 3 was in his first track meet. Ram's parents visited for 3 days to celebrate Lamb 3's birthday early since it is on Maundy Thursday this year. Ram also got a few birthday gifts early because they won't be back to visit us until May. We had beautiful weather and one day we went to the "beach".
Lamb 1 finally had his birthday party. It ended up being 6 boys because one was sick and one recently had surgery. It was rainy weather and the boys made the best of it, but it was not what Lamb 1 had planned. I was glad it finally worked out to have his party.
March 29: This week we had our last boys club/girls club because one of the families is moving away. The boys came to our house. We had beautiful weather and they enjoyed a walk to the park and played outside the rest of the time. I hope to get together with this family again before they move away. And I hope we can find another family to replace this family and have boys club/girls club next school year.
The rest of the week is back to normal activities plus extra church services for Holy Week. We'll also fit in celebrating Lamb 3's birthday and Lamb 1's baptism anniversary with our family.
I did go over my grocery budget in March, but it didn't surprise me with all the visits from Ram's parents, birthday party and family birthday celebrations, grocery store sales, and serving food at church for several suppers and some Sunday mornings. I am going to try to make it up in April, but my average for the first three months has not gone over my total budget.
The Sunday School children processed in with palms on Palm Sunday. Our Sunday School has really grown since we moved here. It made me so happy when Pastor asked the children what Sunday it was and they all had no trouble answering that it was Palm Sunday. They also knew the words to a hymn that we practiced in Sunday School the past few weeks. They didn't sing as a group, but you could hear them singing joyously with their families.
April 5: This week will finally be back to complete regular schedule for activities and homeschool. I am hoping to fit in lots of school and spring cleaning and decluttering in the next couple of months before our summer vacation. I finally have dates and am so excited to plan a trip back "home" after not going since summer 2012. Hopefully I can blog in more detail and post pictures for the above activities after Holy Week. Have a blessed Holy Week.

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