Friday, March 13, 2015

Good news and bad news

Bad news: Lamb 3 was sick last night. He threw up several times while Ram and the other Lambs slept through it all. I didn't get much sleep because I needed to help him several times. He took a shower early this morning and then slept in. I am busy cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry today. I'm praying everyone gets healthy before Lamb 1's standardized testing next week and also his birthday party.

Good news: Lamb 3 seems to be fine now and no one else seems to have it. He's taking it easy eating-saltines and pop today.

Good news: We qualified for a small earned income credit on our taxes.

Bad news: I didn't expect to qualify so I didn't send in the correct paperwork. Now we need to get the proper signatures. I understand that they want to prevent tax fraud, but this is a pain.

Good or bad news?: The Lambs and Ram are scheduled to go on a hike tomorrow with Cub Scouts. I'm not sure they will all be healthy enough to do that tomorrow. There will be some disappointed Lambs if they can't. I'm not sure how much Ram wants to go so it may be good news for him if they can't. I conveniently have a meeting at church to attend at the same time.

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