Saturday, March 21, 2015


At the January book club they passed out bookmarks that listed the books we will read each month for the rest of the school year. We worked ahead and read the April book, which I thought was Little House in the Big Woods. On Thursday I looked at the bookmark and it said the April book was Little House on the Prairie. I realized my mistake but then when we went to book club I found out the April book is Little Town on the Prairie. The bookmarks were incorrect. So tonight we started reading Little Town on the Prairie.

I don't regret reading Little House in the Big Woods first because I think the Lambs are more interested since they had an introduction to the Ingalls family. But I do think they really missed a lot in all the books that come between Little House in the Big Woods and Little Town on the Prairie. For example: They didn't hear when/how Mary became blind so I had to fill in the details. We don't have enough time to read all the in between books before book club. Thankfully I have read the series several times so I can fill in the details. Maybe some day I can read more of the series to the Lambs.

I used a free Shutterfly code to make a photo book of our visit to De Smet, SD. It is helpful to show them pictures of what Laura's house looked like in Little Town in the Prairie.

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Jody said...

My boys loved when we read that series.

Did you start to cry when you read the last two pages of Little House in the Big Woods? I did. I understood that part in an entirely different way as a parent than I did when I read them so many times when I was younger.