Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I don't think it was coincidence...

In 2013 we went to an annual event at the park. One of the booths was sponsored by Brain Balance. I signed our name up for the door prize. Out of all those hundreds or possibly even thousands of people at the event, our name was chosen. They only chose one name. We won a free evaluation. It was perfect timing because we really didn't know what to do about Lamb 2. He went through the evaluation and they discussed the results with us. We did not use Brain Balance services, but hearing what they thought was wrong was very helpful. It got us in the direction of seeing a developmental optometrist and Lamb 2 doing vision therapy. They were very helpful even though we were honest that we would not be using their services beyond the free evaluation.

In 2014 we returned to this event at the park. Lamb 1 had just begun Cub Scouts so he did some fundraising at this event. While Ram was with him at the Cub Scout booth, I walked around the other booths with the other Lambs. One booth was giving a local newspaper deal. All days of the week for $6 a month, good for a year. We did sign up and loved that deal. Lamb 1 enjoyed reading the sports daily. I enjoyed getting the grocery store ads on Wednesday, and coupons on Friday and Sunday. Ram really does enjoy reading the daily paper. It was so worth $6 a month as we saved more than that in coupons. We also saw some local events in the paper that we may not have heard about without the paper. When the year long deal was up, the salesman told me to unsubscribe for a month and then he could give me a deal again. It won't be as low as it was last year, but it will be a good deal.

In 2015 we went back to this park event. I didn't see any booth for Brain Balance. The deal the newspaper booth was giving was much higher than $6 a month. It will be much better for me to contact the salesman and tell him about our deal last year and he will give me a good deal for this year. We had a good time at this event and the Lambs even made marshmallow catapults at the library booth.

The Lambs went in this van and played video games at the end of our day at this event this year. While they were having fun, I reflected on the fact that we won the Brain Balance evaluation two years ago and we got the newspaper deal last year. We didn't get any good deals this year, but we are thankful that we did have those good deals before. We thank God for providing Brain Balance for Lamb 2 when we needed it and also for the newspaper deal.

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