Monday, September 21, 2015

Our weekend

I had an annual checkup for my thyroid. I waited 45 minutes to see the doctor. She spent about 5 minutes with me and then I had to wait another 15 minutes for my labs. My blood pressure was good and I expected her to say everything was good and she would see me next year just like she has the past few years. She shocked me by asking if I was ready for a thyroidectomy yet! She explained that most people in my situation would be ready to just remove the thyroid after this many years of abnormal lab results and a goiter as big as mine. But because of my Factor II she is hesitant to do surgery if I don't NEED it. I left the office with the understanding that if my lab results are different from my normal we will think about the thyroidectomy more seriously, if they are stable for me (they won't be normal) then we'll talk about it again next year. I left that appointment a little shaken by what she said plus upset that I spent an hour waiting for less than 10 minutes of time with the doctor and drawing my labs. Oh how I miss my endocrinologist in MN!

Then I ran errands. Staples to use a coupon before it expired. Pick up a free newspaper with coupons before grocery shopping. Buy a piano book for Lamb 2. Grocery store. Starbucks for a treat after going to the doctor.
After a late lunch, Ram took Lamb 2 and 3 to buy shoes. Lamb 2 is now in men's size 7 1/2. In about 1/2 a size his shoe size will be the same as mine! We had a bunch of coupons and they had a bunch of deals so with tax Lamb 3's sandals were less than $2! Currently all 3 Lambs are happy with their shoes they own.
Ram also got some liquor store boxes for us to use to give away stuff during my declutter projects. I have already filled 2/3 of the boxes he got. He also refilled the propane tank for our gas grill.
Then I ran a couple more errands. Used kids store to try to trade in some stuff and buy some dress shirts for Lamb 1 and 2. I only got $9 credit but they took most of what I took in. I just have a few things left to distribute to friends with boys. I used about half of our credit (we had some credit from before) and Lamb 1 and 2 have several dress shirts to choose from now for Stonecutters in January. Then I went shopping at Walmart.

Ram made turkey tetrazzini for supper. We had not made it for a couple of years. We used gluten free pasta but it was still full of dairy. Everyone ate it except for Lamb 3. Even Lamb 1 ate it (we left cheese out of part of it for him). Lamb 3 tried it and then ate some leftovers instead. We got the Lambs to bed on time ready for a busy day on Saturday.

We had a lot of events scheduled for Saturday but we had to say no to several of the events because we just couldn't do everything. Why is everything always scheduled at once?
The Lambs had a cross country meet at the same time as Ram had a meeting at church. At Ram's meeting we found out he will not be going to the Synodical convention in Milwaukee next summer. Another pastor was elected to go and also another alternate. We can cross that off our list for our summer plans.
At the cross country meet Lamb 1 was 4th place and Lamb 2 was 8th place out of a group of about 25 kids ages 9-12 running the 3K. This meet was practice, the next meet is when they give out ribbons. The weather was beautiful. I made everyone bring sweatshirts but we took them off before we even got out of the car.
I shopped at a local grocery store having a sale on "health and beauty" items. I mainly stocked up on vitamins for the Lambs. I did some other grocery shopping while I was there.
In the afternoon we went to an event at a local park. The Lambs enjoyed going to the different booths and getting free candy and also toothbrushes. The weather was really beautiful for September.
We ate leftovers when we got home. It was a fun day with lots of time outside.

After church there was a voter's meeting. Ram was at church for several hours between church, voter's meeting, and clean up/talk to people with concerns.

When we got home I made pancakes for the Lambs. There were actually leftovers because I made a triple batch. That will be nice for breakfasts this week. I cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes.

Then I spent several hours cleaning and organizing the Lamb bathroom. I washed the shower curtain and scrubbed the shower. I organized their linens in there. I cleaned the rest of the bathroom. I washed the walls and doors and door frames. I cleaned the floor. I cleaned out their bathroom cupboards and threw a bunch of junk out. They now have toothpaste, toothbrushes, chapstick, and band aids organized!
I ran a bunch of toothbrushes through a dishwasher cycle and soaked the battery toothbrushes in vinegar and then rinsed them. Lamb 2 and 3 still like to take baths with a few bath toys. I went through the bath toys and threw a bunch out and washed the rest. They are drying now and the next step will be to decide to keep a few and give away the rest. The shower curtain is now dry so the next step is to rehang the shower curtain.

Ram made borscht for supper. It used several ingredients from our freezer-I love using up stuff we have. We hadn't had it for awhile and it was so good. I'm thankful I spent the time freezing beets this summer for recipes like this. The Lambs requested homemade Italian sodas for a special treat.

The Lambs spent much of the day watching football and Ram took them to a nearby park for a little while too.

I'm tired after all the cleaning, but thankful to have one room completely clean and organized. It gives me motivation to continue around my house like this!

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

Waiting is frustrating like that. I had to go to a new doctor for some labs this past week (with Nathan - who thankfully did amazing) and was at the office for 1.5 hours - seeing the doctor for only 5 minutes, and then waiting some more for labs. They want me to come back again, but after that wait (provided everything checks out ok on these labs), I don't know that I will!