Friday, September 18, 2015

Tea at the Mayor's House

The mayor of Meridian, ID hosted a tea at her house. I attended it several days ago but due to technical problems I couldn't show pictures until today. Finally, here are pictures from this fun event!
I didn't care about eating Paleo, I had a big scone with lemon curd, cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, and a gooey dessert! It was all worth it!

I wasn't sure if I would know anyone at this tea. I e-mailed a couple of friends about it, but didn't expect them to attend. I ended up knowing two people at the tea including my neighbor that homeschools and has 3 boys almost the same ages as my 3 Lambs. The people I knew had already planned to sit with others so I met some new ladies. The ladies I sat with were all Roman Catholic and assumed that I also was because I was wearing a crucifix necklace. They laughed that Lutheran was close enough!

The tea served was chai, cinnamon orange spice, or tea with Tammy blend. Unfortunately our table didn't see the "make your own" teabags until we had put the tea directly in our cups. The lady that sat next to me wasn't planning to have tea so she shared a clean cup with me after we found the teabags.

The mayor hosted this at her house in support of Stanton Healthcare. Our area of the country has worked hard to raise $ to pay for the land for this pro-life center that will be built next to Planned Parenthood. At this tea it was announced that the land is completely paid for! Now it is time to start raising $ for the building. Thankfully many talented people in the community have offered to donate their time as builders, electricians, plumbers, etc. All the money raised at this tea went towards Stanton. The mayor's backyard is beautiful and made a great place for this event. She would like to make this an annual event. I hope I can attend again.

Some of the Stanton mothers and one of the Stanton children were at this tea. One mother with a 7 year old spoke. I was in tears at the end of her speech thinking about how she was pregnant with her daughter at the same time as I was pregnant with Lamb 3. We lead/led completely different lives. Thanks to Stanton with God's help, we are both raising 7 year olds today. She is pretty sure that if Stanton had not been there to help her, she would not be raising her beautiful 7 year old daughter today.

A sculptor is donating her time and also raising the money to build a sculpture outside of the new building. It will be made of bronze and look like an olive tree. Stanton children names will be on the leaves. The most exciting part is there will be a water feature at the base of the tree. Companies would spend thousands of dollars to commission a piece like this outside of their building, but this sculpture will be completely donated.

They showed plans for the new building. All of their wishes were designed in the building by talented architects and engineers that donated their time or gave them a much reduced price. The new building will not only have ultrasound rooms and private rooms for counseling, but also have a baby boutique to get donated baby clothes, supplies, and maternity clothes. They will even have a room to wash the donated items. There will also be rooms for parenting classes.

I could go on and on about the plans about Stanton. They are in my prayers that they can accomplish what they have planned and raise the money to do it. My prayer is that Satan does not destroy the good work they have begun. My prayers are for the women that go to the Boise location, the mobile vans that go around ID, and the future Meridian location. May the Lord bless and keep the women and their children and the employees and volunteers that help these women.

There are many more photos of the tea here. In the photo of everyone, I was in the back but then they had everyone turn around and they took the picture the opposite way. So I ended up in the front row!

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