Sunday, September 20, 2015

Remember the Sabbath Day?

When we moved here our public library was closed on Sundays. They are now open on Sunday afternoons. I refuse to use the library on Sundays. I won't even return books on Sunday even though a machine checks them in. I have considered working at the public library part time or even full time if I have to return to work. Since they are open on Sunday I don't want to work there. I suppose I should be grateful that they are still closed Sunday mornings.

Last year we had a couple of times that we had to really hurry after Sunday School to get to Cub Scout events. Many of the Sunday events were optional but there were a couple that it was important for Lamb 1 to attend. Those events were held Sunday afternoons.

This year there seems to be even more Cub Scout events scheduled on Sunday. So far we can sign up for a later time to sell at the fundraising events or they are optional. But some of the other dens even have den meetings on Sunday mornings.

I was talking to someone on Friday and they said that babysitting classes for teenagers are now held on Sunday because too many kids had too many other commitments on Saturdays. This mom said it is great because her daughter will be busy from 9-3 and she can easily take her and pick her up since she is not working that day.

I think it is getting more and more difficult for families to follow the third commandment. It becomes a great teaching moment for our children of why our family will not attend activities on Sunday mornings.

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