Saturday, September 26, 2015


Lamb 1 is required to help set up a tent and go camping at least once while he is a Cub Scout. Last fall when we were supposed to go camping he got sick. Then we were unable to go camping this summer because we went to IN for a month. We were beginning to run out of time to do this requirement.

We decided to set up the tent in the backyard. I couldn't believe the weather here, it was 95 degrees yesterday! I couldn't believe I was letting my Lambs sleep outside at the end of September. We first got the tent in May a few years ago. They wanted to sleep out in the new tent right away. I brought them inside in the middle of the night because it was too cold for them to be out there. With the weather prediction of getting just below 60 last night, I was fine with them staying out there all night.

Yesterday Lamb 1 and Ram set up the tent. The Lambs took a long time to settle down and go to sleep in the tent. About 12:30 Ram took his sleeping bag and went out there with them. I was concerned Ram would be sore after sleeping out there last night. But I was glad he went out there especially for the sake of Lamb 3. I was afraid that Lamb 3 would have to go to the bathroom and be all confused where he was and how to get to the bathroom.

I had encouraged the Lambs to take sweatshirts out there even if they didn't need them at bedtime. I figured if they woke up in the night and were cold could put a sweatshirt with a hood on so they could last the night. They had a difficult time thinking it would cool down enough to need a sweatshirt. Lamb 2 asked if he could wear a tank top because he was so hot at bedtime.

About 4am Lamb 2 woke up crying and cold. He was on top of his sleeping bag but not in it. Ram was really glad he was out there to tell him to climb in his sleeping bag. Soon Lamb 1 also woke up cold. They lasted awhile longer, but Lamb 1 especially was cold. Ram made everyone get up and come inside and sleep in their beds the rest of the night. We told Lamb 1 he did fulfill his requirement because he helped set up the tent and he slept in the tent until 5am. We reminded him that many people that go camping plan to get up at 5am.

Lamb 1 had Cub Scout fundraising scheduled for 10am this morning. We all woke up at 9:30am. Ram and Lamb 1 had to hurry to get ready. Ram was very tired this afternoon. I wanted them to take a picture in the tent, but this afternoon the tent was put away without taking a picture. Oh well.

We have been home the last couple of days and I tried to suffer through without turning on the Air Conditioning. After supper tonight I told Ram I just couldn't take it any longer. We closed windows and turned on the A/C. The first day of fall has come on the calendar, but I will be glad when the weather acts like the first day of fall. I suppose I should be careful what I wish for because we still have one more month of outside PE class and cross country. I do want some fall days where we don't have to turn on the A/C or the heat.

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