Friday, October 9, 2015


On Thursday I was talking to a mom at the park. She said she felt so strange putting her sun tea on the porch next to her pumpkins.

Ram just got some new shorts. When I told my mom she was confused that he got new shorts in October. None of us have worn pants yet this season except for Ram to wear to work.

We joined a P.E. Co-op this year. One day was canceled because of rain. The rest of the days so far this year have been very hot. We give the kids plenty of water breaks. Even the day that it was lightly raining it was hot. That just made it humid and hot.

I have made a great effort to leave the air conditioning off since October 1. October 1-8 were what I call "almost free" energy days at our house. Both the A/C and the heat were off at our house. The windows were open and some nights we used ceiling fans. Some of those nights it was difficult to leave the A/C off, but we made it. I often heard the neighbor's A/C was on while I had my windows open.

Today it was 90 degrees and we were home all day. This afternoon I broke down and turned the A/C on. Even with the A/C on for several hours it is still over 80 degrees in our house.

Tonight we picked eggplant, peppers, and pumpkins from our garden. We left several vegetables on the plants because it is still warm enough for them to grow more. This is the best year our garden has ever done since we moved here. Abnormally high temperatures really helped our garden.

Tomorrow we are going to take our pumpkins to be judged. On the calendar it is time for the harvest festival, but the weather doesn't seem like it yet.

Maybe we'll feel like having pumpkin desserts and hot chocolate in early December?

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