Sunday, October 25, 2015

Declutter Update 4

I made lots of progress this week in all kinds of areas of my house.
*We received a silver plated serving dish for our wedding, but we never used it, not even once. I had Ram assemble it and I polished the silver. It went in the bazaar pile.
*I cleaned our master bathroom shower once again. I finally got the shower floor clean. I am very frustrated because I can not get the shower doors completely clean. My cleaning lady in MN used WD-40 and I also tried dryer sheets because it was recommended on the Internet. Everything I try helps some, but nothing removes all the soap scum and hard water marks. Any other suggestions?
*The Lambs cleaned up their playroom and game closet. There is more to do there.
*I organized all the give away stuff again after making deliveries a few weeks ago. Ram delivered the donate pile.
*I got all my homemade crafts and homemade jam organized and labeled ready for the bazaar.
*I washed the slip covers on our sofa in our library and put them back on.
*I organized the 600s in our library. This section was on one bookshelf in our master bedroom. Before organizing it the books didn't all fit on the shelves. After organizing everything fits with about 1/2 a shelf empty. This section had a large give away pile-we are done with pregnancy/birth/nursing books.
*I organized my purses and bags (backpacks/duffel bags). I filled a paper grocery bag with give away from this project.
*We filled our van and all 5 of us went and delivered all the stuff for the church bazaar. Now I have more room to get more ready for the bazaar.
*Ram and I worked in the garage for a couple of hours. We got a bunch of trash ready  and organized some areas of the garage. We brought a couple of boxes in to go through. Ram got all our old phones together and got rid of all of them except the last landline ones we used. There are still several boxes that haven't been gone through since we moved here, but we are dealing with one project at a time. Everything we did made the garage look a whole lot better.
*I organized all the Thomas the Train bins. My boys don't play with it any more, but I do want to keep it for when we have company with children. It was in a couple of overflowing bins, now the lids fit on both bins.
*I emptied some canning jars with applesauce and cherries that I canned when we first moved here. It got pushed to the back of the pantry and I forgot they were there. We would have eaten the applesauce if I would have remembered it was there. Now I have more canning jars for more canning.
*I made Lamb 1 clean out his candy stash-he really doesn't need Easter candy or Halloween candy from last year!

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Dakotapam said...

BarKeepers Friend will remove that hard water. It is at Walmart in the cleaning aisle. There is a powder forma and softscrub form. It is all I use in the bathroom (other than toilet cleaner)