Saturday, October 17, 2015

Declutter Progress Update #3

We continue to work on projects here. Here is what we accomplished this week.
*Began working on the church library-more to do on that. The room that we used to have the church library in was needed as a preschool classroom. So the books that we wanted to keep were moved to another room and need to be organized.
*I was looking for a book in Ram's office at church and decided to bring a few books home. I would love to have him bring one shelf worth of books home at a time to catalog them until we get his entire library cataloged. He inherited many books from the previous pastor and from my dad. I would guess there are more duplicates in there some where. So that project is now added to the to do list.
*I took some electronic waste on the correct day of the month. Ram had loaded it in the car and we went through drive through on the way to piano lessons. The man wasn't sure what I was giving him-I told him it contained batteries that I wasn't allowed to put in the regular trash. My stuff looked small compared to the car ahead of me, but I got rid of a few items!
*After I completed my mending pile about a month ago, Ram added several pastor shirts to the pile and the Lambs added a few more items. I completely finished my mending pile this time!
*The Lambs removed all their built Lego creations from the windowsill in the playroom and they are reorganizing the whole area-houses on one level with a garage below the houses. Once I told them what I wanted them to do they completely did this project on their own. I can't imagine them doing this by themselves a few years ago.
*The Lambs have 8 storage cubbies underneath their train table. Each cubby contains different toys-one for blocks, one for music instruments, etc. We are almost done cleaning out all of those cubbies. Only a little went into the give away pile but a lot went into the trash (broken toys). It is good to get that all organized so as we clean up other areas of the house when they find toys they can put them away in the correct cubby. Cleaning these cubbies out was a big project and we are glad to have it completed.
*Ram replaced the door knob between our garage and the house. That adventure deserves a whole blog post.
*Ram dropped off an outdoor Christmas decoration at the thrift store. I figured this was the time to donate something like that instead of waiting until after Christmas. It was a big box and good to get out of the garage.
*I also want to add that Ram and I have communicated a lot about all this decluttering. While we haven't begun all the projects, we both have projects in mind and we're starting to prioritize those projects into an order that we would like them completed. We realize that we have way too much stuff and we are both trying to make headway in as many areas of our house, garage, and his church office as possible. Because Ram is busy with church work this usually means I am in charge of the decluttering, but he is helpful to  take out the trash and recycling often and load stuff in the car to give away. He also motivates the Lambs to get to work on their projects. He doesn't mind taking a load to the thrift shop or to try to resell. And when I'm running errands or chauffeuring the Lambs he keeps up with the dishes and cooking. But I really need to talk about some of this-Should we give this away yet? Where should I donate this? Sometimes it takes both of us to come up with an answer. Because we are working together we are accomplishing more.

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