Friday, October 2, 2015

Declutter/Cleaning Progress Update 1

  • 3 file drawers of teaching materials organized-These drawers contain language arts, science, and history. A lot went in the recycling bin! 9 file drawers left to organize!
  • We have been eating through our pantry and freezer. I made a huge batch of granola, a bean dip, paleo chocolate chip cookies, and Chex Mix. Ram made a double batch of snails. We have 3 cans of snails left to eat. I have in mind some other recipes to use up ingredients.
  • Our bathroom was cleaned well and the cupboards were organized. 
  • I went through all the kitchen cupboards with dishes etc. A lot went to the bazaar pile. My sister started to help me organize my spices when she visited in 2012. I finally completed that project!
  • I subscribed to a teaching magazine called Mailbox from 1996-2004. It had excellent ideas for all school subjects and for crafts. I went through and pulled out the ideas that I thought we might use in homeschool or if I return to the classroom. I recycled the rest. What I am most proud of is then I filed all the ideas I kept. This took a few days of free time. I wish I would have had this organized when I was in the classroom. I used some of the ideas, but not as many as I would have used if I would have had it organized.
  • I scheduled appointments for my mammogram and for me to go to the eye doctor. I think we have either already completed or have scheduled all routine doctor appointments necessary for 2015.
  • Ram tried to sell 4 full boxes of books at the used bookstore. They bought 2 whole boxes. There was one set of books that they did not buy that we will try to sell at the bazaar. Ram got credit and bought 4 books. There was a wide variety of books and I was surprised they bought almost all of them except for that set. The books that Ram bought with his credit were on his wish list so that reduced his list. We still have a couple of dollars credit left to spend.
  • I organized the give away piles-bazaar, used kids store, just donate. I will try to deliver this stuff soon.
  • I made a list of stuff that needed to be replaced that I have noticed during my decluttering. The Lambs needed a new shower curtain liner and I needed a new oven mitt and items like that. I bought a couple of items during my weekly shopping and used a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond for a couple more items. I have a couple of items left on this list to keep my eye out for a good deal.

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

Wow! Good for you! You're really making progress organizing and purging. I want and need to do the same....when I can carve out some time to do so...