Monday, October 19, 2015

The door knob problem

Before our house warranty ran out, we needed the builder to come out and replace a few door knobs in our house. After the warranty ran out Ram has replaced a few door knobs in our house. We are disgusted with how cheap and easily broken things are at our brand NEW house.

There is a door between our garage and our house. Last week it got jammed again and it took some work to get it open. Ewe seemed to have more luck getting it unjammed than Ram did. We planned to replace the door knob soon. We finally got the Lambs trained to not let the door slam shut, to leave it open about an inch. This was no easy task to teach them this as they go in and out of this door several times a day. One day Lamb 1 came inside and left it open an inch. Ram came in after him and totally forgot about the door and it slammed shut. Neither Ewe or Ram could get it to open. Ram removed most of the door knob and it was still jammed shut. After both of us worked on it doing everything we could think of, we decided we needed a handyman.

The next few days were a pain, we had to go out our front door and open the garage door each time we had to go some place or we needed something out of the garage refrigerator. I'm not used to carrying a house key with me and I was so afraid that we were going to get locked out of our house. I was afraid that after playing outside the Lambs would forget to close the garage door and it would be open all night.

All of our friends from church that could have helped us are really busy this time of year at their work and they are hunting every weekend. So we went to social media asking for advice of a handyman that would take such a small job. Once we could get it unjammed, Ram could replace the door knob.

The first response was from someone that tried to tell us how to fix it. His response was that the door needed to be open to remove that part. That was exactly what the problem was, we couldn't open it.

The second response was a guy that lived near by that offered to come fix it for us. He did come the next day and fixed it with a little tinkering. We found out he was an unemployed neuroscientist that moved here for his wife's job. He knew how to fix the door because similar things have happened at his house. It only took him a few minutes and he had the door knob off. Ram offered to pay him because he took the time to come over. He refused payment.

Then I offered him some homemade jam. He said his wife would be upset if he refused that. I gave him his choices and he chose blueberry. I haven't even labeled my jam yet this year, but I knew which ones were blueberry.

I just had to laugh that this neuroscientist comes and fixes our door and we pay him with unlabeled jam. But God provided someone to fix a real problem at our house. We were so thankful when Ram could complete the repair and going out to the garage isn't a problem any more!

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Machelle Ledoux said...

What a great story you that you can tell for years to come. It’s not every day that a neuroscientist acts as your handyman. I think you could turn that into a sitcom. I am glad that it all worked out and you got to meet a handy and obviously multitalented new neighbor.

Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair