Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Photos Part 2

The sweaters arrived in time to wear to church on Dec. 27.  Ram's parents attended church with us. Ram's dad was able to be the photographer for our family photo. Unfortunately Ram was talking to members for way longer than the Lambs would have liked. They were very impatient to get the photo over so they could go get treats at Fellowship Time. After all that I'm amazed the photo turned out as well as it did.

When we went out for sushi, Lamb 3 said he didn't want rice, he just wanted fish. So the chef made him a flower. It was on a $2 plate instead of a $1 plate, but he ate all of it and not many other plates. The chef said since he practiced on the flower it didn't cost extra.

Lamb 1 and Lamb 3 wanted this sweater when I let them pick, probably because it was Boise State colors. I'm guessing this is the last time they will wear matching sweaters from the boys section. 

Lamb 2 wanted this sweater when I let them pick.  He has been asking for more sweaters when it is time to get ready for church. So I bought him both sweaters. He wore this sweater the past two Sundays. 

Santa had pity on our Lambs because they weren't allowed to ask for a big Lego set,  so he brought them a medium size Lego set to share as one of their stocking gifts. They got this specific set because it was on sale and because they "needed" more doors for their creative creations. It is a toy and grocery store. They immediately started looking for food from other Lego sets and planning small toys they could build to add to their new stores. There was some discussion of which of the 3 ways they could build this set they would build together. But once they decided on that, the building went very quickly since all 3 were working on the same set. They said a couple of times that Santa chose well even though they hadn't put a request in.

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