Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday shopping

  • Everyone got dressed and went to shoe store. Found brown dress shoes for Lamb 1 for $20. Find out Lamb 2 needs a W width in men's size. No brown dress shoes for Lamb 2. Decide to check out the Internet before purchasing Lamb 2's. Amazed because Lamb 3 doesn't complain that he didn't get new shoes.
  • Go home and search Internet and decide probably won't find better deal than $40 black dress shoes in W width.
  • Ewe begins shopping while Ram stays home with the Lambs. Go back to shoe store and buy black dress shoes for Lamb 2.
  • Go to used kids store where we have a lot of credit. Not much selection after Christmas-they already had shorts out! Purchase 2 dress shirts and 1 dress pants for Lamb 2 with credit.
  • Go to Walmart for a couple of items and am pleased to find they had almost all the dress clothes for Lamb 1 and 2 that they needed. Buy 2 dress shirts, 2 dress pants, 2 pair dress socks, and also underwear for Lamb 1. Also buy 2 binders for the Lambs to take to Stonesetters. Buy markers on clearance with a coupon so free. Buy a few other household items. So glad we are almost done shopping for dress clothes.
  • Go to grocery store with coupons of things normally not on sale. Eggs for 88 cents, $2 off of lamb (which made lamb cheaper than hamburger). Spend $30 after coupons-save 55%. Treat Ram and Ewe to a Starbucks using a gift card from Christmas and a coupon from the newspaper.
  • Go to Target and am glad that I bought the dress clothes at Walmart because not the same selection. Use a coupon and buy 2 items. Used gift card from previous visit so total cost was 8 cents. Resist the temptation to buy Bumblebee Boy and Ladybug Girl clothes because I have no toddlers. Wish they would have had that for my boys that loved those books. But they didn't have homemade Bumblebee Boy headbands like my Lambs wore.
  • Go to Staples and am glad I bought the binders at Walmart because even with my coupon they are more expensive at Staples. Only buy tissues on sale.
  • Go to Kohls to look for a tie for Lamb 2 because he had black shoes and a navy tie. Call my sister and ask if it is ok to wear navy pants and black shoes. Surprised she said that is trendy now even if it is weird. End up buying 2 ties and letting Lamb 2 pick. The ties were B1G1 1/2 price. I know Lamb 2 will wear whatever ties we buy him even after Stonesetters. Surprised he choses the black and blue stripe tie when I show it to him. So he will wear black shoes, black pants, and his black/blue striped tie. 
I plan to have try on the new clothes day next week. I'm sure we now have plenty of dress shirts and dress pants in two different sizes. They just need to pick out what they want that fits and matches. I wouldn't be surprised if Lamb 2 needs a bigger size than Lamb 1. The saleslady asked me today if I had twins. I'm so glad to have this shopping completed. Also I am so glad that I didn't have to dress a daughter with this dress code. I am expected to attend and follow the dress code too, but I have modest, conservative, dress clothes that fit, I just have to go shopping in my own closet.


Jody said...

I've taken to only buying black dress shoes. When I need to buy dress pants new, I go for black. It seems (in my mind) most appropriate for most occasions needing dress clothes. Then the whole hand-me-down thing becomes easier because I don't have to worry about boy 1's outgrown clothes not matching with the shoes that boy 2 wears. . . Does that make sense?

We don't hand-me-down many shoes with our boys anymore since they are so rough on them, but dress shoes are the exception.

Joelle said...

I'm curious on the girl's dress code. I would think it would be easy - dress (with sweater if short sleeved), tights, dress shoes. Maybe not all girls, but Audrey has several choices that would work. It is getting harder to find appropriate length dresses as she gets older, though!