Friday, January 29, 2016

Blogging didn't happen today

I have so much to talk about here and I am behind on posting pictures. Lamb 1 got his Arrow of Light at Cub Scouts; Lamb 1 and 2 attended Stonesetters at the State Capitol; our PE co-op did Crossfit this month; and I'm still not done posting Christmas photos yet. I had planned to do a little shopping this morning and try to get caught up on blogging today before we begin a new month.

Those plans didn't happen because this morning I had to help the church treasurer figure out Ram's paycheck because the paycheck company didn't do his deductions properly. I wasn't too worried the first paycheck of this month, figured it would get straightened out by the second paycheck. I was very concerned when it wasn't right by the second paycheck. I think we have it straightened out, but I'm still not paying bills until I see if it is all correct on Monday. Life is so much more complicated when everything is direct deposited and done online. I almost wish we lived in MN and got 3 paychecks from the tri-parish again because they were paper checks for us to deposit at the bank!

The paycheck was actually the minor part of my day. The major part of my day was that I found out that on Tuesday the classic Snapfish site is shutting down. I spent all afternoon chatting online with a representative trying to make sure that the photos that my father-in-law uploaded for us would still be available to me after Tuesday. He had uploaded photos from 2003-2011 for us, including most of Lamb 1 and 2's baby photos. Back then we had dial-up internet so we couldn't upload photos very fast. After much panic on my part, I found out that the photos will be at the new site. I did know that my photos were at the new site, I was unsure about Ram's dad's photos. The bad news was the photo books that I created at Snapfish will not be there after Tuesday. I can't afford to order duplicate copies at this time for the Lambs, (even at their sale price) so I ordered some prints from the albums that we only had one copy. Some time I'll make them an album the old fashioned way instead of digital.  Most of the photo books I was not concerned about, but there was one that I made of our time in MN, that took me hours. I did contact Snapfish about that one and they assured me that it will transfer to the new site in 24 hours. I will check tomorrow if it transferred, but I ordered some prints of those photos just in case. Paying for prints was worth my peace of mind. Dealing with all this took a long time, but I feel much better that those old photos aren't lost with the update to a new site.

Ram did a few errands this morning and this afternoon he took the Lambs with him to shop at Costco so I could work on Snapfish. I was glad all this happened on his day off!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on schedule and blogging will happen next week! Have a good weekend!

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