Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stonesetters Prep

I signed up Lamb 1 and 2 to participate in a program at the state capitol in a few weeks. Lamb 3 was not old enough to participate this year. It turned out to be much more involved than I thought it was going to be, but I am so glad that they have the chance to participate in this.

Here is what we have completed:

  • Finished the "homework" answering all the questions to learn about the state capitol building.
  • Wrote letters to our state senator and representatives telling them when we will be there and that we would like to meet them.
  • Memorized 1 Timothy 2:1-2.
  • Prayed for our Idaho legislature each day in January.
  • Lamb 1 wrote a bill and it was accepted for the Stonesetter legislature to debate.
  • Purchased ties and some of the dress clothes for Lamb 1 and 2 to wear business attire.
  • Ram and the Lambs learned how to tie a tie. 
Here is what we still need to complete in the next couple of weeks:
  • There was one question in the homework that we couldn't find the answer. We plan to ask a librarian to help us.
  • We will continue to recite 1 Timothy 2:1-2 daily.
  • We will continue to pray for our Idaho legislature daily.
  • Lamb 2 was asked to make a few corrections in his bill. We are waiting to hear if it was accepted or if we have to make more corrections.
  • Need to purchase dress shoes and a few more items for Lamb 1 and 2 to wear business attire.
  • Need to make copies of all their homework to turn in one copy and keep one copy in a binder.
I filled out the application and paid the small fee for them to participate last May. Their bills were due in October. So this has been a long process. I am looking forward to their day in a couple of weeks. I am so glad that a parent needs to attend with them so I get to see what they do. I know it was worth all the prep work to participate in this program. I also know that next year will be so much easier after participating this year. Lamb 3 will be old enough to join us too!

Lamb 1 and 2 have been hesitant to do this program because they don't know what to expect. But I know that they both will excel at this. They will love to debate their bill. They will love to be with other children their age for a day. We get to be at the beautiful state capitol building for a day.

We have worked on Stonesetters this week so we are not back to regular homeschool yet. We will be back on regular schedule next Monday. I am looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule and routine.

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