Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January Family Update

  • Lamb 1 had his last Cub Scout Den meeting. We are looking forward to his last Cub Scout Pack meeting next week. We are so proud of his achievements.
  • This morning Lamb 2's bill for Stonesetters was finally approved. I have e-mailed several times trying to finish. I felt like we cut it very close this year, but it was not our fault. I learned more than the Lambs through this. Next year all 3 Lambs will be old enough to do Stonesetters and I know that it will be easier after doing it this year.
  • We have had a checklist to complete for Stonesetters. Dress clothes ready, learn how to tie a tie, homework, copies of homework, wrote to senator and representatives, prayed for ID legislature daily, and memorized 1 Timothy 2:1-2. I think all that remains is packing lunches and getting dressed on Friday. Their organized binders look beautiful to me after all this work!
  • We are plugging away at homeschool. Lamb 2 began cursive this week. When he was in vision therapy, I never thought there would be a day that he would be ready to do cursive. I would have been satisfied if he got to the point of legible printing. After Christmas break this year his printing looked beautiful. He is excited to learn cursive, especially his name.
  • We finished our book for January family book club at the library. We have started the book for Lamb 2 to attend Mayor's book club in February. We began working on the reward program to earn hockey tickets. We love reading!
  • One of the Lambs has a rash on his back. I believe it is from dry skin that we put lotion on and I think the lotion irritated it instead of helping it. So we are leaving it alone, no lotion and no shirt today when he is inside. I am waiting to see if it improves or if we need to take him to the doctor. I hate decisions like this-obviously I would take my child to the doctor if he had an earache or high fever that wouldn't break, etc. But  something like this I don't know if it will improve in a few days or if a doctor could help it. Thankfully he says it isn't painful so the current plan is to keep an eye on it and take him to the doctor if it gets worse.
  • Our PE co-op is doing Crossfit this month. I love to see my boys get exercise during the winter. It is just once a week, but they are working all kinds of muscles. They look forward to PE. 
  • We purchased sheet music for Lamb 1 and 2 to go to music contest in March. This is their first time. They are looking forward to learning and memorizing their music.
  • I put the Christmas decorations away soon after Epiphany. Since then I keep finding items that go with the Christmas decorations. Hopefully I can have everything put away before February!
  • UPDATE: We did take the Lamb to urgent care. He has a viral infection and also eczema. We got a prescription, but the pharmacy was out of it until tomorrow. He is not contagious. In this case I was glad we found out what it was so now we can treat it.

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