Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy Epiphany!

This morning we made a fast stop at the farmer's market to stock up on honey and to have a donut for a treat. Then we attended church (with incense!) and then helped take the Christmas decorations down at church. We didn't attend every service during the 12 days of Christmas, but I am thankful for the ones that we did get to.

We came home and got to work on some decluttering projects while Ram ran a couple of errands. Lamb 3 found all kinds of hats and ties and pants and shoes that were way too small for him. Last week I delivered a bunch of give away stuff to the correct places. Now my give away pile is big again. I love that some areas of my house are getting more settled and we are getting rid of some stuff that we no longer need.

Each Lamb is dressing their own cornish hen for supper.

Tomorrow after church we will take our Christmas tree down and put the Christmas decorations back in storage. It seems like we just put it up, but I will enjoy a little more space in our house again.

Monday we will be back to a few school subjects, but we will wait until Ram returns to school to add the full homeschool schedule. I'm trying to savor the last few days of relaxing family time. I will try to resume my Year in Review posts on Monday.

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