Friday, January 5, 2018

Year in Review-May 2017

 May 2017
May was a huge month for photos and important events in the lives of our Lambs.
Ram's parents visited and it was the first time we saw them since we moved in August 2016. Ram's dad practiced his photography skills and took several pictures for us. My parents came over for pictures too.

Lamb 1 age 13

Lamb 2 age 11
Lamb 3 age 9

We went to the zoo one day when Ram had class. The zoo brings back lots of childhood memories for me.

Lamb 2 turned 11 during their visit. It felt like old times to open up presents and celebrate his birthday with them. Lamb 2 received a Lego volcano set. 
The entire visit, the Lambs took turns with a stomach bug. We sang to Lamb 2, cut the cake, and he got sick. We took turns staying home with the Lambs and going places with Ram's parents. I felt so bad that the Lambs were sick during their short visit, but I was glad that none of the adults got the bug. It also rained most of their visit and during their drive here and back. Between the rain and sickness it was a little depressing, but we were so glad we were able to visit with them and show them where we live now. They may never drive to visit us again after this time!

The Lambs had their first piano recital in IN in May. All of their grandparents were able to attend! 
After they performed, they went and sat in the audience for the rest of the recital. This was Lamb 3's first piano recital. He was so happy to join his brothers and perform! I loved watching my stair step boys during the rest of the recital. They did a good job listening to the rest of the students perform. 

The piano teacher had these Kit Kats as a cute snack for the reception.
On one of the days that everyone was healthy we went out to eat for ribs.  We were trying to figure out what to order and finally decided to order this huge platter and share it. There were no leftovers after the 7 of us finished eating lunch!
We went to the farmer's market on opening day for the season and a newspaper reporter was there as we were trying tea. We bought some tea and this photo was in the newspaper.

Lamb 1 was confirmed at our church at the beginning of  May. 

My sister was unable to attend, but Lamb 1's other godparents were able to attend. They also came to MN to his baptism. I never would have guessed that they would also be able to attend his confirmation. Another blessing that we moved back to the Midwest.

We hadn't seen Lamb 1's godparents for many years so we were excited to have a visit with them. Playing giant cards with godfather Latif was fun.

His godfather works at a brewery and brought Ram some special edition beer. You can't buy it in the store any more, but we were so glad to get some.

He brought root beer for the Lambs.

Godmother Ruth brought a kite and we took it to the park. She loved our park and gave me a new appreciation for our neighborhood. I took it for granted after growing up in Fort Wayne. 

Lamb 1 enjoyed playing ball with his godfather.

I was one of the winners of the photo pie contest so CPH sent me a shirt.  In the competition with my sister, I was the first one to get a t-shirt. She had to wait until the book was released to get her t-shirt.
I had already won the t-shirt, but the Lambs wanted to do the coloring contest. I was surprised that they wanted to do it, I didn't ask them to do it, they chose to do it. We put them on the refrigerator for months.

We attended a sheep festival at a local park/farm so I wore my Ewe hat and Ram wore his Ram shirt.

We took our rooster pictures to the farm for a visit. We had fun on the hayride.

I brought some of my bulbs from ID and planted them at my mom's house since we are renting now. I was pleased that they came up in May.
My sister visited for Mother's Day and it was the first time that we met my brother-in-law. They have been married for 5 years, but always lived far away from us and we were unable to go to their wedding in Hawaii. We went to a park and had fun playing basketball. They moved back to the Midwest in May so hopefully we will see them often!

They loved playing football at my mom's house. We had beautiful weather for their visit.
Even my mom played football!

We tried to take family pictures but it was sunny and they didn't turn out well. 

The selfies were hilarious even if they didn't turn out.
We helped my dad put the flowers we gave him for his birthday outside for the hummingbirds.
The Lambs think Uncle Eric is strong and fun!

Godmother Hannah was not able to attend Lamb 1's confirmation, but she did go to our church the Sunday that she visited so we could take pictures. Lamb 1 was an acolyte that day.

We lived in ID for 5 years and neither Ram or I were ever called for jury duty. 9 months after we moved to IN, Ram got jury duty. It was actually more complicated than I thought it would be to prove that he was no longer an ID resident, but he was successful to get out of this jury duty. It would have been too long of a commute!

Lamb 1 and 2 attended a blacksmith class. Unfortunately Lamb 1 got a minor burn and had to sit out with some ice for awhile. He was able to return and complete his project that day. The newspaper came and did a report and several weeks later they were in the newspaper and on a video at the newspaper website. They would love to do more blacksmithing, but it meets on Saturday mornings and we usually have confirmation class then. Lamb 3 was sad that he was not old enough to do blacksmithing. Maybe in a few years they can all go to the blacksmith shop more regularly.

I was amazed what they completed in just a couple of hours.  They were treated like adults and expected to be serious about their work.

On a different Sunday than Lamb 1's confirmation, Lamb 2 and 3 had their first communion. 

One of Lamb 3's godfathers was able to attend his first communion. He was not able to attend his baptism, so this is another blessing that he was able to attend this day.

We went to a Memorial Day parade. I love being back in my patriotic hometown for events like this! 

Lamb 3 got out his cars to play while we watched the Indy 500.


The Wards said...

It is such a small world! I've followed your blog (originally from the Loopers maybe?) since you were in MN. I knew that your Lamb 3's godfather was married to my childhood friend, Emily. But now I realized that Lamb 1's godparents are actually brother and sister-in-law to our son's godparents!

I love this updates on your lovely family and I hope we have the opportunity to meet in person someday.

Ewe said...

The Wards-Do you know Rev. J. Ripke, Rev. N. Higgins, or my sister Hannah? Those are the other godparents for our Lambs. Very impressive that you know the others!

The Wards said...

Ha! I remember meeting Rev. Higgins years ago...his aunt taught at my school growing up. He also went to Concordia, Ann Arbor with my best friend and her husband (Ruth Meyer and Rev. Jonathan Meyer).