Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Year in Review-February 2017

February 2017
In February there was a wedding at our church. They had the wedding as part of our regular Sunday morning service. It is my prayer that my boys eventually have a beautiful wedding like this one. I continue to pray for my boys future spouses. The entire congregation was invited to a simple lunch after church. There were many friends from the community at our worship that day and it was so fun to fellowship after. We were still pretty new members of our church at this point, but we knew plenty of people that day. I kept pinching myself that day, because for the past 14 years I would have talked to my friends that would have attended that wedding as I would have not been able to attend when we lived out of state. But this was one event where I shared with my out of state friends about the great day! Bonus: We sang the same version of the Te Deum that was sung at our wedding. It is our desire to stay in this area after Ram graduates, but we don't know if that is what will really happen. So I tried to be in the moment and soak in the memories of that day as we might not be here in a few years to make memories like this.

I don't know why Blogger is putting these pictures in a different order than I did, but my dad turned 77 at the end of February.

We gave him red silk flowers to attract hummingbirds to his backyard after reading about that in botany for homeschooling.

Ram took a tour of the campus as part of one of his college classes. He took lots of pictures to show me. This light fixture is star shaped.

My brother-in-law had an Army retirement ceremony in February. We weren't able to attend, but the Lambs wore some dog tags they received from an Army recruiter on that day in his honor. Lamb 2 was scratched by another Lamb so he has bandaids on his face.

Our book club read a biography of Rosa Young. The hostess served Southern food to honor Rosa. Bonus: I sat by a mom with a baby!

The photos didn't turn out the best, but the Lambs attended a chemistry homeschool day at Science Central. Lamb 2 was picked assist with an experiment. Lamb 3 had a lot of fun testing the ph of different liquids.

In 2016 we didn't do much shopping during the months of moving and getting settled, as  we were trying to use things from our pantry and not have more things to move. But we did put our moving truck/several items for house repairs/and some needed items at our rental house on our Costco credit card. All that added up to our biggest reward we ever had. I tried to make it last as long as possible when we received it. But we were still restocking our pantry after moving and it didn't last that long, but we were thankful for the trips of "free" groceries while it lasted. It was another example of being blessed while we were in a year of transition. We are glad to be members of Costco and get the reward every year.

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