Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Year in Review-March 2017

March 2017
In March the first Lamb became a teenager!
My mom enjoyed having Lamb 1 over to decorate his own cake. She taught home economics so was glad to use her skills to teach her grandson and spend some one on one time with him.

Lamb 1 received this huge Lego set for his birthday. He built it quickly and displayed it in his room. 

Lamb 2 took a gymnastics class. He loved it and would like to do more, but we only allowed him to do one session mostly because of the time commitment, but also the expense.

Ram had spring break in March and I thought we should do something fun during his break. I convinced my boys to go to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. I grew up about an hour from Indy and my family were members and went to the museum several times a year. The Lambs were a little old for it, but they put up with it to make Mama happy. I especially enjoyed the old exhibits that have been there since I was a child, even if they have updated some of them.

Same carousel that I have judged all carousels since I was a child . I think because of childhood memories, this carousel is the best!

One picture to prove Lamb 1 was with us. He really felt too old for the museum, but found some of the minerals interesting.

Some day I'll have to find the photos of me driving the Indy 500 car just like the Lambs are here.

Lamb 3 had the most fun at the museum as he was the youngest.

The special exhibit was about the circus. The Lambs had fun, but it was way too loud and too much stimulation all at once. 
Of course they had to go down this giant slide before we left. Even Ram did the slide!

We went on Pi day (3-14) and the only thing about Pi day that the museum had was this in the gift shop where you could jump the first several numbers of Pi. Everyone besides Lamb 1 had to do it in honor of Pi day. We had worn our old Pi day shirts.

After the Children's Museum we went to Blaze Pizza for $3.14 pizzas. This was the first time we went to Blaze Pizza and we were glad to hear that Fort Wayne was getting a Blaze later in 2017. Ordering pizza is difficult for our family. Ram wants gluten free; Lamb 1 wants dairy free; Ewe and Lamb 2 want as many toppings as possible; and Lamb 3 prefers just cheese. A place like Blaze can make each of us a pizza the way we want it! It was a great deal on Pi day, but it is always reasonable for our family because we can each get the pizza the way we want it. They are large enough that most of us take leftovers home.

We had a fun day trip on Pi day, but were glad to come home instead of an overnight trip.
My mom's cousin visited. He is actually closer in age to me than to my mom.  My grandma and his mom were 16 years apart and he is the youngest in the family. We had a fun afternoon with their family at my mom's house. Our two families had a total of 6 boys and just one girl. The girl is not in this picture, but all the kids played together well even though it was too cold and rainy to play outside. The Lambs don't have any first cousins, so I am glad they are getting to know some more distant cousins.
My mom and I worked together to cook lunch when they visited.  She is not used to cooking for large groups of people. She had fun making this relish tray and the relishes were quickly eaten once all the kids saw it. Days like this make me thankful that we are back in Fort Wayne when friends and family visit.


Jody said...

I love, love, love the owl. I want to try that sometime.

Ewe said...

My mom collected owls before I was born. She tried to downsize a few years ago and got rid of most of the owls. Since then my sister and I keep gifting owls to her. This owl was perfect!