Monday, January 1, 2018

Year in Review- January 2017

I love going back and reading about our family adventures in old blog posts. In 2017 I entered the Facebook world, but that isn't the same as my blog. I hope to blog more in 2018 so that I can go back and read what we did.

I am going to try to get back into blogging by reviewing what I can remember that we did in 2017, one month at a time. Since I blogged so little, there is much to tell the blog!

January 2017

In January Ram began school for his master's of clinical counseling. We were both a little timid about him going back to school after age 40 and he had not worked for 6 months while we moved and got settled here. He ended up doing great and loved his classes.

The Lambs got back to homeschooling and a routine of piano once a week and looked forward to spring and summer activities.

In January we began Samaritan Ministries for health insurance. I will do a separate blog post to tell about our experience, but we were very pleased with our first year.

We participated in the Fort Wayne March for Life. The weather was unbelievable for January. We quickly took our coats off and carried them.

Photo credit: Steve Blakey

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