Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Year in Review-July 2017

Our whole family picked blueberries. It went fast with 5 picking. I made a couple of  batches of jam and froze the rest.

We did some hometown sightseeing. At the old Fort in Fort Wayne.

I'm not sure what treat this Starbucks was.

We went to a couple of Tincaps games. This was the first  Tincaps game that I went to-they used to be at another location and were called the Wizards. Ram and the Lambs had gone to the Tincaps on previous vacations to see my parents. This game was with a bunch of friends from church.

Another Tincaps game, this time CLHS students and alumni game.  I found out they sold wine slushies at this game.

This was the coldest Three River's Festival parade that I ever remember going to. It was the Lambs first 3 Rivers Parade and I don't know if they ever want to go again. We bundled up in all the blankets we could find in the car. We didn't expect that for July so had not dressed warm. It brought back a lot of childhood memories for me.

One day we walked downtown to some Three Rivers events.  
We took a free boat ride. It was neat to see the perspective of Fort Wayne from the river.

Lamb 1 told us that he went farther in rowing camp than we went on the boat ride. That was impressive after I saw how far we went.

All the Lambs participated in some summer track meets. It was not too hot for any of the meets. They didn't give ribbons, it was just a fun time. We met the CLHS cross country head coach which was good for Lamb 1's future.

We went to a program on bees at the library. 

I signed up the Lambs to do swim lessons at the city pool.  There was confusion about what level they were in  and after a few days of too difficult they moved them back a couple of levels and their new levels were too easy. The levels were very different than Idaho swim lessons at the city pool. It ended up being a waste of time, especially for Lamb 1. I'm not sure what we are going to do next year, but it won't be lessons at the city pool. The last day they were allowed to do whatever they wanted in the pool and that was the only day they liked.

We rode out bikes to DQ one day and then the Lambs wanted to go for a family bike ride every day after that.

We actually did go a couple of more times during the summer, figuring that DQ wasn't as bad for us if we got exercise getting it.

Our family played the game of LIFE. I had the white car. How come in the game I have 5 girls and no boys? My girls were expensive to educate!

We participated in a summer fitness program. One day they got their miles at an event where they rode their bikes through the woods.

None of the Lambs liked the fitness program and I basically just recorded all their normal summer activities. I don't think we will do it again, but I was glad we did it one year to see what it was about.

In our decluttering we played some games to make sure all the pieces were there. You can't tell from this picture, but Lamb 3 liked playing Cootie with me.

We went to a free end of summer party at a local park. The Lambs liked driving these cars. It makes me sad that the end of July is considered the end of summer.

Lamb 3 won a McDonalds Happy meal coupon at the end of summer party. The Lambs had never been to McDonalds for food, just apple slices or ice cream. Lamb 1 said it was unhealthy and asked if we could go without him. Lamb 2 loved it and wants to go again. Lamb 3 didn't finish half of it because he didn't like it. It was worth paying for Lamb 2's, getting Lamb 3's free, taking a picture, and telling them that we only go to McDonalds for food when it is free.

All the Lambs took a 3-D printing class at the library. After the class was completed they got a coupon to do some 3-D printing for free, normally it is a $1 an hour. Lamb 1 created a bunch of projects to print, but then he never decided what to print. He figured it's only a $1 an hour so he can do it another time. The other two Lambs had a good time printing their projects.

Lamb 2 made a small Star Wars mug and Lamb 3 made a sword.

We went to an end of summer party with free snow cones and a water balloon fight at the library. They were supposed to do this earlier in the summer but thunderstorms canceled it. The Lambs were glad for good weather this time. Lamb 1 didn't want to go, but Lamb 2 and 3 had a great time.
Photo credit: Effie Sharon
I met Rhonda in 2011 after being internet buddies for several years before that.  When we met we both lived in MN. We hadn't seen each other since then and we both moved and had several life changes. She attended our church one Sunday and stayed for a fundraiser lunch. I had lots of time to cuddle her baby before she returned home. It was a fast day together, but we talked fast to catch up! Now it is my turn to make a road trip to visit her.

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