Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fear of teenage boys

Before we started making supper tonight, Lamb 2 said, "Me hungry, Mama!"

Lamb 1 had 3 soft tacos. Lamb 2 had 2. They had lots of toppings (cheese, salsa, avocado, sour cream). When Lamb 1 was on his second helping he said, "I'll eat the rest of that avocado with my next helping. When he was eating his third helping he said, "I want cookies for dessert."

Today Lamb 3 ate a whole banana, plum, pear, 1/2 big sweet potato, and some avocado and crackers before he said he was full. He's still nursing full time too.

Is this a bad sign looking ahead to when they are teenagers? I can see less and less leftovers to put away after meals.

Ram's mom jokes about throwing the meat to her boys when they were teenagers. I think I will be joining that club very soon.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Wow, congrats on having such good eaters! My Ethan is a very.picky.eater. The other two are much better. I fear for our grocery bill when Zachie is a teenager!