Saturday, February 14, 2009

Home and Farm Show

We went to a Home and Farm Show today out in the country of Appleton, MN. PBS had Curious George there from 10-2. We arrived about 1:30pm so we had to see Curious George first before he left. Lamb 3 was sleeping and Lamb 1 totally freaked out. Partly because he is sick with a cold, and partly because it was the first thing we did there and he didn't have time to "warm up". We tried to convince him it was like a Halloween costume, but no luck. So only Lamb 2 got his photo taken with Curious George. Of course Ewe wanted her photo taken with Curious George too. After we walked around the exhibits and ate lunch there, the last thing we did was go see the animals. Watertown, SD zoo brought a few animals for the children to see. Lamb 3 really wanted to touch them but Ewe didn't let him. Lamb 1 did remarkably well for himself. He didn't touch any of them but he got up real close. He even asked to stay a little longer and look at them.
Lamb 2 touching the millipedes while we all watch him.

Lamb 2 loved touching the Bearded Dragon

Lamb 2 touching the turtle