Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogging, Memes, and Computer Problems

Elephant's Child had a great post about how creepy Facebook memes are getting. She says they are too long and too much privacy is being lost with them. Read her whole post to see what she says. I agree with her.

That is one reason why neither Ram or I are part of Facebook. I could write a whole post about other reasons why we aren't part of Facebook. Ram is part of Wittenburg Trail, but he rarely uses it and I'm not part of WT.

Esther tagged me today to do 25 things about my children. I just started this blog in December so I had never been tagged before. I don't have a problem with a meme like that. Although I did think 25 was rather long. Maybe some day I'll do a post on my children, but this week I'm too busy to do it.

Susan has been discussing with Loopers her terrible computer problems recently. There are some nasty viruses going around computers recently and currently. She was given the advice to watch her websurfing and only go to sites that she KNOWS are safe until this calms down. (google blogs, Amazon, etc.) And if you haven't backed up your computer recently, that would be a good idea too.

We had computer problems a few years ago and we had to backup our photos and important things and then erase everything and start over. We learned our lesson and Ram is much better about backing up than he was before that. We have been busy so Ram hasn't done a backup for awhile. But with Susan's news, he backed everything up last night. So far it seems like we have been protected from this group of viruses. I hope that we continue to be protected. Not because we don't have things backed up. But because it takes so much TIME to fix your computer up when you have to mess with this. We know from experience when we had to crash our computer. With 3 little lambs and Lent starting next week, we don't have time to rebuild our computer now. I know some people crash their computer on purpose every so often to start with a fresh slate. I'm not one of those people!

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