Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday feast

Late this afternoon I went by myself to the grocery store 7 miles away. Last time we shopped there we all went and Lamb 2 dropped a bottle of laundry detergent as we were leaving. The clerk was real kind and sent for a new bottle and sent for someone to clean it up. But after that, I preferred to shop by myself this week. Plus it is very cold here and I didn't want to take all the Lambs out.
Ram was nice enough to watch all 3 Lambs when none were taking a nap. I got to drive our new car for the first time. We have had it for a week and it already has over 450 miles on it. I've never driven a car with only 450 miles on it. Ram had never driven a car with only 6 miles on it before last week. On the way there it was just enough time to figure out some of the features on the car that are different than our minivan like the cruise control. I'm still not used to driving so low after driving the minivan. I like it and I'll have to be sure to use the cruise control or I'll have a heavy foot and get myself in trouble.
When I got home Ram had cooked a steak dinner while I was gone. We obviously aren't fasting meat during Lent! We had received the t-bones as a Christmas gift from church members and decided to use them tonight. We had potatoes free from the grocery store. We also had broccoli and asparagus to use from the freezer. The two oldest Lambs ate really well. We ended up discussing treats during supper with the Lambs. They were surprised Ram said steak was a treat. They thought treats were sweets. So we talked about fruits and vegetables out of season are treats. Even meat is a treat because we don't have meat at every meal. It was a good discussion and gave them something to think about.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Sounds like you had a great day!