Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Vacation Day 1-2

Ram left Sunday afternoon for pastor's conference and returned home this afternoon.  We had our first school day yesterday. The Lambs did not act like themselves while Ram was gone. I also attempted to get caught up on dishes and laundry and mail and put things away after our trip. Needless to say I didn't start blogging about our trip until the Lambs went to bed tonight!

We went to early service on Sept. 5. While Ram did two more services I tried to finish packing the car and pack a lunch etc. with lots of "help" from the Lambs. I also was trying to use up a few things in the fridge, do dishes, sweep the floor-all the things that needed to be done before I left for two weeks. Ram finished all the services the same time as we were leaving-it is about a half hour drive to the country church. I depend on Ram to watch the boys that last hour before we leave for a trip. We accomplished everything and met Ram at the country church. We gave Ram his lunch, thankfully he had taken clothes to change into with him. We drove two cars to the Twin Cities.
The town that Lamb 1 was born in was a good stopping place for bathroom breaks and a little run around time. It happened to be Lamb 1's 6 1/2 birthday so we took photos of him there (2 photos above).
We stopped at Costco and filled both cars with gas and bought a few groceries for the week. We did this stop because we knew Costco was closed on Labor Day. Our car was really packed full especially after adding a few more Costco size groceries. We ate at Don Pablos and then dropped Ram's car off at the airport. We made it to Tomah, WI before we decided to crash for the night at a hotel. I would have liked to have gone a little farther on Sunday, but considering everything we had done that morning, (Ram 3 services) (me up and everyone ready for early service and then rush to get everything done before noon) I was glad we made it as far as we did the first day.
The second day (Sept. 6-Labor Day) we drove through Chicago and really had an easy drive through Chicago. It must have been the holiday. We had quite a bit of driving to do the second day and many stops for the Lambs made it even longer. I had wanted to stop at a high school friend's house but she was in Fort Wayne visiting friends when I called her from the road, and she would have driven home (1 hour from Fort Wayne) by the time I arrived in Fort Wayne. We changed our plans and I saw her later in the trip. We met Ewe's parents and sister at Cracker Barrel in Fort Wayne for supper that evening. It was great to sit together for a meal and see everyone. Overall the Lambs did really well both days of driving. We got to my parents and unloaded EVERYTHING from the car.
We did a lot during our vacation! I will try to post about day 3 soon.

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