Thursday, September 23, 2010

Huge Prayer Request-Interruption in Vacation posting

It may be awhile before I return to posting about our fall vacation.

Ram went for a physical in June and his blood work was abnormal. The doctors kept thinking they finally found what was wrong, but their assumptions were always not quite right. Ram met with two doctors today and they finally found what was wrong. He has a mass growing on his kidney that has a very good chance of being cancer. They will not know for sure if it is cancer until he has the mass removed. Ram will go to Mayo next week to meet with a specialist and there is a very good chance that a few days later he will have this surgery. There will be about 6 weeks recovery time. We don't have a laptop or a smart phone and I don't do Facebook, so I have no idea when I will be able to post, but I will try to keep you updated.

Prayer requests:
*Ram to get healthy
*Doctors to do what is best for Ram
*Ewe to navigate Mayo (we have had a few church members there, but we have never been there)
*Lambs to survive being out of their routine, we don't even know what is happening to prepare them, plus they are Papa's boys
*safe travel
*all four of our parents may be coming to help-safe travel for them and if they do come that the details will work out for them to come
*that this surgery is the end of Ram's medical adventures for now

Thank you, Jesus, for:
*I am thankful they found this before it spread to other parts of Ram's body.
*The first diagnosis Ram was given earlier this summer said that Ram would need to take a pill for the rest of his life that is not usually given to someone as young as him and could cause birth defects. We are hoping that our family size is not done yet, so we prayed that there was a different pill he could take or the doctor would find another answer. We had no idea his diagnosis would take this turn when we prayed.
*I am thankful that we began doctoring about a year ago with a new doctor that was very careful and kept ordering new tests and sending Ram to different specialists until she got to the bottom of this. I'm not sure an average doctor would have even done a blood test on hemoglobin on a 35 year old in the first place. That abnormal number started all this earlier this summer. We have always liked our new doctor, now we love her!
*I am thankful that Ram came back early from our vacation so he had a doctor's appointment while we were still gone where they discovered this answer.
*I am thankful that we live in the same state as Mayo and have been given the gift of a doctor that does this surgery as his specialty. (I won't complain of how far from Mayo we live though!)
*I am thankful that my dad can come help Ram with preaching while Ram recovers.
*I am thankful that we homeschool so we can deal with this without worrying about getting Lamb 1 to school daily.
*I am thankful for church members that have been understanding at this time.
*I am thankful we bought the CD titled Hymns of Comfort and Hope to listen to now.
*I am thankful for health insurance.
*I am thankful that our youngest is 2 1/2 when we are dealing with this now-it would be a lot more difficult with a breastfeeding infant.
*I am thankful that Jesus is the healer of all disease and he is with us always in all troubles here on earth.


Gina said...

We pray with you and for you, both in supplication and in thanksgiving. I know this may sound silly or counter-productive but when you check in ask to speak to a social worker, they can help you navigate the hospital and find things like computers, places to rest, and places for the boys to play. We would have never survived the hospital settings without good social workers, and for them it's a treat to deal with a normal family who just has these kinds of needs. God be with you, and give you His strength and peace.

Gina said...

I looked through the websites of the churches in Rochester. We don't know any of the pastor's personally, but this one

looks like the one I would call if it were me in your shoes. Let me know if I can help contact someone. God's blessings to you.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You are all in my prayers!

Sue said...

Praying for all you wrote about, and for the peace that passes understanding.

Anonymous said...

My prayres are with you - I went through this same thing a year ago - didnt go to Mayo - was at OHSU - but had the mass removed from the kidney and it was cancerous - had a year follow up not long ago - Praise God it had not returned - It will be a tough and long recovery but the Good Lord will see you through it - Again - my prayers are with you through all of this.

Dakotapam said...

prayers ascend. Let me know if there is any way I can help...even so far away:)

Joelle said...

Sorry I didn't know about this before today! Praying for your family! Praying for peace - that you all feel God's hands around you, and for healing - may the great physician heal you completely!