Sunday, September 19, 2010

First day of Sunday School this year

My 3 Lambs shaking hands after church

This morning was the first day of Sunday School for Lamb 1 and 2 this year. We were gone last week and the materials weren't here yet then so it worked out well. Lamb 1 and 2 are in a class with one other boy and they are doing CPH lower grade materials. We are going to have to work on handwriting and cutting with a scissors in homeschool with especially Lamb 2 if they are going to do these materials. There is one third grade girl in a class by herself with her parents as teachers. Lamb 3 and one other little girl are not old enough for Sunday School yet. That is our small church Sunday School.

The Lambs did well in church this morning. We sat in the front and it was Matins Sunday which made the service a little shorter. All 3 Lambs did fairly well standing when it was time to stand, sitting when it was time to sit, listening when it was time to listen, singing when it was time to sing. The last hymn was "I am Jesus Little Lamb" and they did really well singing that. It has been awhile since all 3 Lambs were allowed to shake hands after church. We enjoyed seeing everyone at our country church after we attended the church next door for most Sundays this summer.

My brain is bursting with ideas to post about our vacation, conversations I had with friends on vacation, going to the Carole Joy Seid seminar yesterday, the installation service in Saint Louis, starting homeschool tomorrow, etc. Some of the people we saw on vacation are anxious to see how the photos turned out. I'm still unpacking from our trip, trying to get caught up on mail and e-mail, paying bills, dealing with the produce that grew in our garden while we were gone, getting organized for homeschool, etc. It will be a very slow posting, but I promise I'll eventually post about our trip-even if it takes me until December!

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