Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ewe's new glasses

I wore glasses in middle school because I often had headaches. I outgrew that and I didn't wear glasses in high school. When I had my physical for college, I needed glasses. I wore glasses for all of college and when I was teaching in the classroom. It was easier to wear them all the time than to take them on and off.
When I was pregnant I felt like I was blind for most of the pregnancy. There was no point to getting new glasses when you are pregnant. Since I stayed home and was just doing tasks around the house, I rarely wore my glasses. I was surprised 4 years ago that the eye doctor said I could pass my driving test without glasses. I had worn glasses for driving since 1992. He said after several pregnancies that women often have improved eyesight. The last 4 years I hardly ever wore glasses. When I had my most recent check up he said I could still pass the driving test without glasses, but he would recommend glasses for driving at night or driving in a big city to see the signs better.
I hardly ever drive at night or in a big city so I wasn't going to get new glasses. Then I realized I will be doing quite a bit of driving for our fall vacation. So I ordered new lenses for my old frames.
Our health insurance has nice vision coverage. I had a $25 co-payment and the insurance paid for the basic lenses. I chose an anti-glare coating because I will be using these for night time driving. My new lenses cost me $100. I think it will be worth it even though I don't wear them often.
I don't even want to think about that getting old part where this prescription may not last me 4 more years... nor do I want to think about the eye doctor's saying that he expects Lamb 1 will need glasses at his next check up in the spring.


Dakotapam said...

Aha! The pregnancies explain my improved vision! My brain is gone, but my eyes are fine!

Anonymous said...

(better eyesight after children)

The better to see you with, my dear(s)!