Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 1 Report

We did manage to have 5 days of school. We had already finished school on Thursday when we had to go 1 1/2 hours away with Ram to the doctor. We did half our school subjects on Friday and the other half on Saturday in order to give Ewe time to prepare for next week. It was definitely difficult to get back to school early this week but things went smoothly by the end of the week. We are off to such a good beginning that I'm sorry we'll have to cancel school next week and for who knows how long. Here's what we did accomplish last week:
Bible: Memorized Genesis 1:31, began learning the hymn Feed Thy Children God most Holy, Reviewed 1-7 Commandments-they know 1-2 well-we'll keep working on the others, did these Bible stories using CPH posters-Jacob's Family, Esau Forgives Jacob, Joseph and His Brothers, Joseph's Troubles, Joseph Feeds Egypt.
Math: Lamb 1 finished MUS lesson 26 and began lesson 27. Lamb 2 did more in his dot to dot book.
Reading: Read Aloud 4 Enid Blyton stories and the Ox-Cart Man. Lamb 1 reviewed some lessons from Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading that we had done before, Lamb 2 began at lesson 1 in OPGtTR. The Lambs began listening to an audio version of Wheel on the School.
Spelling: Lamb 1 began the spelling part of Writing Road to Reading. These words were his first words this week- me, do, and, go, at, on, a, it, is, she, can, see, run, so, the, in. He was surprised that he knew many of these words already. He begged me to teach him some words about his fish tank so we also practiced these words- fish, tank, rocks, castle, bridge. I caught him spelling this sentence on the refrigerator with magnets after we had finished school one day- "She can see a castle." We are both enjoying spelling as I am pleased he is doing so well on WRTR and he is happy to learn some more challenging words that he needs to know to write stories.
History/Geography: We learned the continent song and read some of From Sea to Shining Sea-Paul Revere's Ride and Yankee Doodle.
Science: We looked for Uranus in the sky, did some gardening, learned the Planet Song, and read the next National Geographic Kids.
Art: We painted apple trees. Since we attended ECFE and had a babysitter that painted with us in the past, this was my first experience painting with the Lambs. We all had a lot of fun and they turned out great.
Games: I am trying to keep track of the games that the Lambs play as so many are good for teaching math and other skills. I also want to know what is being played often in our house and what should be reminded to get out and play again. This week I let them choose, next time I will offer more suggestions. We do have a game time each afternoon before rest time. Here is what they chose: Bingo several times, Picnic Game, Slapjack, Zingo, a little dominoes, Go Fish.
Socialization: The boys all went grocery shopping with me and were very good helpers. The clerk couldn't believe I trusted all 3 to each carry a dozen eggs. Our early childhood group had a play time at the new playground that we attended. We also attended a parade in the town 15 miles away.
Ewe began reading: School Can Wait by Moore and Good Wives by Alcott.
What we didn't do this first week: We didn't memorize a poem or do handwriting with the exception of Lamb 2 working on his tracing book. We'll add these in later, but I believe we were off to a good start this week. I had also hoped to begin potty training Lamb 3, but that is going to be postponed for awhile. Ram was gone the beginning of the week at pastor's conference and the end of the week has been very busy preparing for next week.

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