Friday, September 24, 2010

Pastors aren't supposed to get sick

The few times that I've been sick since I became a Mama, we've always joked that "Mamas don't have time to get sick".

As we get ready to go to Mayo next week, it's clear to me that pastors aren't supposed to get sick either. All the area pastors have offered to do hospital visits for Ram if necessary while he recovers. One even went 3 hours away today to visit someone for Ram. The church members have told Ram to get healthy and they would survive while he is gone-not to worry about his work as a pastor as there are other area pastors to cover for him-just worry about getting healthy. Many friends and family and churches all over the United States are praying for Ram.

Ram spent most of today visiting people and he will have to prepare for this Sunday's services and he also has a funeral committal service tomorrow. But then he trusts the area pastors to help him until he recovers and returns to his pastoral duties.

Ram has visited many people as pastor and now he is going to be the patient. I am going to be the spouse instead of the one sending cards and checking to see how the patient is. One Looper told me about a pastor she knew in Rochester, a member told us a good LCMS church near Mayo, and another Looper told me a pastor 1/2 hour away from Mayo that we actually knew a little. So we now have pastors to contact to help us when Ram is on the opposite side of the bed in the hospital room.

*More prayer requests-that we are able to complete everything we need to get done here before we leave-it's difficult when we don't know when we will return. Pray for my wisdom in what to pack for our trip. I have garden veggies to freeze plus everything else that needs to be done after our vacation earlier this month that I put off until we returned home. Plus everything that also needs to be done before a regular vacation like cleaning out the refrigerator. Pray that the boys help while we prepare for next week too.

Thank you for all your prayers and e-mails and comments. Everyone has been as helpful as possible no matter how many miles are between us!

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