Thursday, April 28, 2011

All boys

I am looking for some encouragement from those of you that have all boys. Please do not comment if you have any girls even if you have mostly boys or if you had all boys for many years before you finally had a girl. It has been 5 generations straight back in Ram's family with no girls so I'm not even expecting granddaughters. Thankfully my mother in law understands, but we are so rural that I don't have local girlfriends. So I'm hoping some of you blog friends will understand and comment.

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Sue said...

I raised 2 boys (no girls!) and now have a grandson. Not sure what I'd do with a girl by now! I'd always really hoped for girls, but God has blessed me with these wonderful boys. I have picked up from others that it's very different having just boys. In some ways calmer, I'm told - not all that hormonal girls-holding-grudges stuff. There were times when I despaired, but God took me through it. I became a single mother when my boys were 4 and 7 - husband decided he had "better" things to do.(Turns out I'm better off, truly, but it was hard on my own, and not fair to my boys. He was (and still is) not a very good father.) And now, still single, I'm a grandma to Henry, nearly 7 mos. old, who was baptized this past week on Easter. He is such a joy! Sometimes I've felt disappointed never to have had girls, because I had such a close relationship with my mother and wanted the same with a daughter. At the same time, I realize not all mothers are blessed with this kind of relationship. And with things that happened with their dad, it was probably better not to have girls. I love my boys (both generations now) with all my heart. I hope this helps a little bit. Contact me if you have more questions!